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Thursday, October 28, 2010


The self improvements are just maintaining, not gaining momentum.  I'm watching what I eat, and taking a walk the past few nights around the post.  Last night was a social for the folks in the company I work for to meet with the owners who were down for a few days.  It was the first time I'd met them.  Nice guys.  First boss I've ever said in the first few minutes of conversation 'what's a girl gotta do around here to get a beer?'   It was appropriate in the setting.  And, I only had one.  However, I didn't work out after work because I didn't want to get sweaty and such before meeting the bosses.  Then today I forgot to take clothes to work to change into.  The gym won't let me work out in street clothes, even if it is only for 4 minutes.  So, both nights I walked around post and then waited for F. to make the sprint up to the gate and catch a cab.

Tomorrow marks my 1 month milestone, and the end of my relocation money paying for my hotel room.  All 3 of the guys (owner and 2 sons) were at the desk at the lobby waiting for me when I came in.  The son who speaks English and I talked business, and I move into my apartment Saturday morning.  My stuff has made it to this country, but now has to make it through customs.  I'm told it will probably be another 2 weeks.  So, I'm borrowing a bed until the hammock stand gets here.

I have signed up to take a tour of some commercial caves with the post outing group on Sunday.  The write-up of the caves is funny, given that I used to be a caver.  Says it goes in for 12K and is still going.  Also says to take flashlights as the lights in the cave only go part way.  Should be fun in a klitzy kinda of way.  It's about 45 minutes away by bus, so I'll see how well I can handle the bus the post uses, and if I want to take any longer trips later.

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  1. You actually gonna go down in a cave? Underground? With all them bats and what not?
    Ok then, NO way you'll catch me underground again. I did Natural Bridge caverns the first year it opened.. Once as enough!!
    Talk about claustrophobia!!! NEVER AGAIN!!
    You a braver man than I Gunga Din!!