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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two's a trend

I did my walk after work again tonight.  Actually, I did 3 walks.  I did the 4 minutes on the elliptical machine, which hurt.  My lower back above my hips hurts most, and that is what I need to strengthen so I must be doing the right thing.  Then I walked back to the office to wait for F. to get off work.  He got a call to go fix a pc so I walked with him to that building, which was a lot longer walk than I realized I was getting into.  Did I mention F. walks fast?  I got to sit for a few minute while he worked, then we started towards the gate, which was the length of that walk plus the normal one.  A nice soldier on one of the motorized carts gave us a ride about half way, then we walked the rest of the way.  I am feeling the exercise, but I'm not totally paralyzed with the pain, so I guess this is a good pace.  Tomorrow night is a work social, so I probably won't go work out.  I'll wait for F. so that we can share a cab to get to it so that I don't have to find a bar (even with a cab) by myself and walk into a strange place alone.

Diet wise I did ok, but not great.  I didn't eat grains at breakfast or lunch, but one of the guys gave me a cookie and I ate it without even thinking that it contained grains and was therefore not on my diet.  Again, I had coke, and a Gatorade which proves that this isn't a calorie cutting diet.  The only vegetable was mashed potatoes with gravy along with my pork chop at lunch.  The other option was a beef stew kind of thing, and I didn't really want that today.  I wanted some chips or pretzels or something in the middle of the afternoon, but couldn't think of a snack that didn't have grain.  Just now thought I should have walked over to the PX and gotten some yogurt, but didn't think of it at the time.  It's going to take the 60 day trial period just to remember to cut out the things with grains that I normally eat without thinking about.

I should study the new Spanish lesson CD that one of the guys gave me.  I'm tired, but I should at least make a start.

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  1. Keep up the good work. You seem to have a lot of will power and that is one thing you need. I bet within 60 days you will feel like a new person.