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Saturday, October 02, 2010

More Bummer

I'm on my Dell laptop now that my netbook crashed.  With the netbook, there was built-in speaker and headphones.  With the Dell, I have a cheap headphone/mic setup I got in Kansas City.  I wasn't worried about my setup because I had the netbook.  Well, until today the headphones worked fine.  I kept getting a popup when I had to go back to the Dell about something with the mic, but just finally clicked it away, don't come back.  Then, I tried to Skype with Nancye.  My mic doesn't work.  I can't make it work.  I can't Skype.  I tried to restore the old image onto the netbook to get it going so I could Skype.  It doesn't see the hard drive to load the image on.  The hard drive makes bad noises.  sigh.  Worked some more on the mic on the Dell.  No luck.  I can't Skype.

I'm in my room.  The coworkers have done a really fine job of making me afraid to go outside, especially as now it is getting dark.  I can't talk to my friends or family.  I am wondering what the hell I'm doing so far from home.  I'm getting depressed.  Oh, right, I haven't eaten or had anything to drink since morning.  I have had fear put into me about drinking the water here.  I have no local money to go buy some Cokes or bottled water for my new fridge.  That would have required going outside, which I was afraid to do.

Logic finally forces itself into my brain.  I should go to the restaurant with the friendly proprietor that is connected to the hotel and eat and drink.  I'm thinking I'll feel better about the entire situation after that.  Tomorrow is another day, says Scarlett O'Hara.   I'll think about that tomorrow.  Tomorrow I'll call a cab and go to post and fix all my problems and all will be well.  Tomorrow.  I just need to get through tonight.  And, that starts with dinner.

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