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Thursday, September 30, 2010

And More Detail

My driver apologized that he was taking a road under construction to go around the city to make better time.  I didn' think much about it until I realized that down here when a road is under construction they don't block traffic, the drivers just make their own way around.  There are no road rules here.  You just grab a piece of road where you can.  If part of the road isn't there, you just avoid obstacles and go on.  I found it all pretty amusing.  I figured that if I was going to get smashed in a traffic accident, it was more interesting to have it happen in Honduras than in Olympia.  We did make it ok, though.  The main highway (Pan American Highway?) is actively under construction, and traffic is stopped every few miles.  At each flag person who stops traffic, there are multiple people selling bags of fried pork rinds, nuts of some kind, drinks, CD's, and maybe other things I didn't recognize.  I didn't see that they were doing a very good business, but it wasn't for lack of enthusiastic trying.

Once I was turned over to Wendy, we headed the rest of the way in.  At one point we were stopped at a police roadblock.  He had her roll the back window down, where I was (she had her aunt with her - I don't think anyone does anything alone down here), but he just looked at me squeezed among my suit cases and bags, and went on.  They asked me if I wanted to stop and get some food to take to my hotel, and I said yes.  I had been told by some not to eat at local restaurants, but I figured that if I was going to get sick I might as well go for it early on.  We stopped at a place that Wendy assured me was 'famous'.  It was sort of like a meat and 3 in Nashville.  I picked cooked vegetables, herbed chicked, refried beans, plantains, and tortillas.  I had bottled water.  I told Wendy I was so hungry I wanted to eat at least a bit while there.  It was so good, I ended up inhaling it all in one sitting.  So far, I haven't been sick at all.  She took me on post for a bit, and I met some of the managers. 

I was checked into my hotel.  Again, all available young males were recruited to transfer my luggage to my room while I followed somewhat helplessly.  The room is incredibly clean.  It kind of looks like something from the 60's or so.  No dresser, 2 end tables and a small table.  A window air conditioner mounted in the wall.  A nice tiled bathroom, with no counter.  A small bar of soap and a packet, like a Catsup package that I haven't really looked at yet and a clean towel.  No coffee machine, and none in the lobby.  I felt that this morning...  A basic room that is fine.  And, internet, which is most important.  I was able to skype with my Mom last night and let her know I made it ok.
Work today was tiring, since I can't really be very helpful yet.  It will take awhile to get me totally set up.  There are politics going on, as there is everywhere.  So far I'm too new to be involved, and I'll try to keep it that way.  I skyped with Mom again tonight, and tried to with Turtle Lady and her family but the call with them kept dropping.  I'm guessing that the internet here ebbs and flows with how many of us are on it.  I know of 2 other IT folks living here right now who I assume have computers.

I'm going to have to make some decisions very quickly.  I need housing when my stuff gets here.  It hasn't left Seattle yet, so I have some time.  There are lots of variables to worry about with housing, such as safety and how I'll get to work.  Taxi's are a viable option, if you trust your driver.  There is a free bus  to post that goes by the hotel, but some folks say that it's dangerous to stand and wait for it.  Driving is almost a contact sport, so I don't know if I want a car or not.  However, I can stay here at the hotel on the company's dime for a couple of weeks, so I just don't know...

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  1. I finaly made it here to see how you are doing. Glad you made it ok. We miss you in Olympia, but are happy you and I both made it out. We are settling in ok in UT. sounda like you are going to have some good adventures. CC/BC