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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Up early

Funny how sleeping on the floor has me waking up early and actually getting up and moving.  I took down the hammock stand to start emptying out the bedroom.  That will be my staging area for what will actually travel with me.  I took down the grid unit that held my clothes, the clothes already being mostly packed.  So, this morning I will get the Jeep packed for my trip to the San Juan Islands.  I need to leave here in an hour or so.

Last night as I was getting all my computer gear together in a pile I found my missing thumb drive.  The one with the important stuff on it.  Like games.  I own 21 thumb drives, and I knew where 20 of them were.  Now I have all 21, and the games are installed on this computer.  I may install them on the netbook, too, while I know where the thumbdrive is.

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