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Saturday, September 11, 2010

First Day

So this morning started the new chapter of my life.  So far, just as in the previous one, I'm sorting stuff, packing, and my back hurts.  I kept way too much stuff back from the shippers to fit into my Jeep.  Some of it was accidental, some was just plain not used to such a small vehicle.  Casey and Travis, two of the NCO's from work who have become friends, are coming by to help me load the suitcases into the Jeep and to go to a good-by breakfast.  I hope my plan will work to get the big stuff in, then I'll stuff little things in until I run out of room.  If anything left is important I'll mail it.  The post office is open until 3, and the UPS store, which is expensive, is open till 7.  Then it's On The Road Again!

Updates and the move East progresses...

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