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Monday, September 27, 2010

Catching Up

Got up at a decent time this morning.  Guess I'm getting back to normal on sleep after driving all day and night to get here.  I have today and tomorrow to clean up the millions of details left before I head out of the country.  While Mom and I were out yesterday I got a USB camera and headphone/mic for Mom and headphone/mic for me so we can Skype while I'm down in Honduras.  Gotta get that set up, and then do backups of all the computers, and, oh, yeah, pack.

I haven't really mentioned my cats much since I dropped them off to go to their new home.  It is actually their old home, which is with Turtle Lady's sister.  The sister had been in the hospital and couldn't take care of the cats when I was asked to give them a new home almost 2 years ago.  They helped me through the past time in WA, and I am not too happy to not be able to take them with me now.  However, their original owner can now take care of them, so they went back to her.  If/when I come back I have the option of getting them back again.  We can take turns loving them.  So, the cats are much happier than they would be being shipped and dealing with all the issues of moving to another country.

Ok, off to start computer backups on 4 computers...

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  1. Wishing you the best... always.
    Ara & Spirit