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Friday, September 10, 2010


The shippers come this morning.  My plans change hourly as to what I'll ship and what I'll mail where.  At this point I'm thinking I'll just ship everything.  It's only stuff, and I can live a few weeks without any of it.  I was thinking that since it's leaving 3 weeks before I am, I'll only be without it for 3-4 weeks once I'm there.  That may be optimistic, but then again, I need to know where I'll be living and have room to accept it when it does get there.  So, when I look at the 'valuable' stuff I was going to mail, I think I'll just let them take it after all.

ETA to leave Washington State is 24-36 hours from now.  Seems impossible now, but we'll see.  I really want to get to Turtle Lady's place in KY by Wednesday since she will fly out on Thursday morning to come out here.  Funny how that worked out.  I am so happy to be moving into a new chapter of my life.  Living out here has been pleasant enough, but it hasn't felt like I've really been living.  Not sure how Honduras will feel.  Different, anyway.

Ok, gotta do dishes before heading to work for awhile.  I cleaned out the freezer yesterday, and still find food to give away/toss.  I will be throwing away a lot of stuff that my hording side will be freaked out about, I'm sure.  I still have so much because when folks would come over to get stuff, I couldn't let go of all of it.  Kept a little something back, you know?  Except I have no way to use or move it.  Consumables like dish washing detergent, laundry detergent, bit and pieces of stuff in the fridge.  Money wise it isn't worth anything, but I'm not used to not being able to take anything like that.  The Jeep just won't hold everything I would take if I had room.  My luggage, the cats, and the robo litterbox take up all the room.  A sleeping bag, a small tent just in case, and a few things I'm taking to my Mom's fill in the small crevices.

Time to get up and at it.

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