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Saturday, September 25, 2010


I am sitting in my Jeep in a rest area on I57.  I'm not even to St. Louis yet.  It will be a long night.  I've sat here for at least an hour reading blogs on the computer.  I'm enjoying my air card while I have it with access to internet basically anyplace I have cell signal.  That will end next week.  Not sure why I'm taking it so slow driving to Mom's.  Maybe I'm trying to slow down time.  Mostly I try not to think about all I left behind in Nashville.  Some of it won't be there when I come back, at least not the same way.  Nest is already saying he doesn't know where he will be in a year, others may not have plans yet but job situations may change as mine did.

It's gotten dark while I've sat here.  Guess I should move on down the road.

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