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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Notes from the road

Being homeless isn't as romantic as you would think
My idea of a good time still includes a guy in jeans and camo ball cap buying me beer and shooting pool
People who live in really nice, big houses and are looking at ads for houseboats to live in really don't want to hear comments such as 'it will take you a really long time to get rid of all the stuff in this house when you decide to get rid of it'
Probably most people don't take a week to go through just one bankers box of files that is mostly old stuff that's trash
When homeless, trash is more difficult to dispose of than you would imagine
Is it still 'cat napping' when snuggled down with 3 small dogs?
I hate the noise a shredder makes in a large house, when I think that the folks upstairs may be sleeping since I haven't seen them all morning.
Basically, I hate the noise a shredder makes
I have a lot to shred
4 days isn't enough to revisit my entire Nashville life before heading out for a year or more
I'm losing my Nashvhille connections and friends, some more slowly than others, but I'm losing them
I seem to need a lot of time to just sit.  It's like there is a lot of stuff that just needs to settle in my brain, and I am paralyzed to move forward on even simple things
I have a lot of shredding to do
I hate shredding
Homelessness isn't as romantic as you might think

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