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My Home

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cute Guys

My life is full of cute guys right now.  Yesterday, after clearing out with the home office in Clarksville, I had lunch with Billy.  While driving to the restaurant, I started composing an Ode to the Familiar that I hope I'll get posted soon, about knowing my way around town and how good that felt.  Then last night I met Nest and we did our usual beer at Buffalo Billiards on 2nd Ave in Nashville, then walked all around 2nd Ave and then Broadway, then across the Shelby Street walking bridge over the river.  These are things I really enjoy doing every time I'm back here.  It makes it 'home' to me.  Today I had lunch with Paul, my former partner over at Metro Water in Nashville.  Tonight hopefully we sign the lease with my tenants in my house, then tomorrow is lunch with some more former co-workers, and tomorrow night is the hiker pizza night.  A full schedule.  I will remember this time fondly, and will be homesick, I'm sure.

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