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Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm now sitting in a really nice room at the Harrah's casino in Cherokee, NC.  I'm on my computer for the first time since WA, so this post may be readable.  When I post from my phone the delete key is right next to the M key, so those typo's in the previous posts should have had an M and some other letter or space in them.  Sorry it was so garbled.

After I dropped Turtle Lady off at the airport on Thursday morning at 6am, I got breakfast at the Shoney's there, and then went to the county park where I used to go hiking because it was just a ways from my house.  I cat-napped there until I felt more human, and then drove up to my storage unit.  I unloaded some things I knew I didn't need for the weekend and picked up a few things I did.  Then I drove over to Hot Springs, NC for a campout with friends.  That is where the picture came from.  On Friday I did nothing but eat and sleep.  Literally.  Got up for breakfast with the guys who were already at the campout, then went back to the hammock.  Got up for lunch, went back to the hammock.  An afternoon nap was also necessary.  I think I got caught up finally.  Then I spent Saturday still a mental zombie.  By yesterday I felt more or less normal again.  There was no cell or internet access in Hot Springs.  Yesterday afternoon I spent a wonderful late summer morning driving a sunny, winding road over to Cherokee.  Just what I needed.

Today I drive back to Nashville.  The tennants in my house were under the impression that I would be there to see them this morning.  So, I have to actually start taking care of business when I get back, re-doing the lease and going through the things in my storage unit and getting it set up on auto pilot.  I hope to see friends there as well over the next 4 days or so.

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