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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Winding Down

As Ben, , pointed out this morning, it's the last day of summer.  I am glad I'm spending it in the Nashville area.  I'm staying with a friend, Phil, and his family.  Last night he and I went up to Tippers in Clarksville and shot some pool and drank some beer and ate some greasy bar food.  It's something I've wanted to do for a long time, but don't do by myself.  I am really, really bad at pool, and even when Phil would intentionally line up a  shot for me I couldn't always get it to go in.  However, a few shots hit the mark and the beer was good.
I have gone to the storage unit and set the billing up to be automatic.  I brought some files back to sort and shred while in the air conditioning.  I think that sorting and getting rid of the things in that unit will be a slow, box by box thing.  I just can't seem to just get rid of 'my' stuff.  The paperwork is what bothers me the most anyway, since I can't just look at the bankers boxes and know what's in them.  So, I guess I am making progress.  At some point who knows when I'll be down to the big stuff, and I can either buy/rent a home or condo in Nashville and move it all out.  That's in the future when I have money.  Insert laugh here.
I have the rest of the week scheduled, and plan to leave here Saturday morning to head back to Mom's to take care of the business there and get staged to leave for Honduras on the 29th.

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