Monday, August 24, 2009

Almost a Month

Hard to believe that I've let almost a month go by without a post. Sorry. Just not much going on. The heat did break after 3 days. The furnace came on this morning, second or third time since the heat of last month. It just takes the chill of in the mornings. I'm glad I didn't go spend money on an air conditioner. If I'm still here next summer though I may try to move someplace that does have it already.

I go home for a week in September. I'm penciling in some plans. I want most of the time open, though. I'm thinking that since the house hasn't sold, or even been really looked at I'll just take it off the market when the Realtor's time is up. She hasn't done much to try to sell it, but the market isn't good anyway. I'll try again next Spring. So, I need to set the house up for winter while I'm home. I hate to have an entire house just sitting empty like this, but no other plan seems to be working out.

That's about all that is going on.