Sunday, September 18, 2016

Back in Mesa

I am moved back down to the valley, about 6 weeks and 20 degrees of hot too soon.  The original place I thought I had reservations decided they didn’t like the looks of my rig in their snooty park, so they denied me entrance at 2:30pm on a hot afternoon.  I had to have electricity to keep the cats cool with the air conditioning.  Mike had them in the car for the move, but that wouldn’t work for the evening, and I couldn’t boondock and have air conditioning.  I was making frantic calls around for a place for at least one night with power.  At one of the parks when I gave my name I heard “(shadowmoss)!  This is (former office manager where I used to live in the mobile home).  Sure, come on over’.  I was welcomed not just for a night, but they also have a fall special and I’m here until the end of the year.

I will NEVER, EVER stay at a Cal Am resort, no matter what I am living in.

Mesa Spirit is a really nice, friendly park with better facilities and cheaper with all that is included in the base rent.  I won’t be able to afford to stay after the special price ends, but I’m good for now.

I’m hiding waiting for the temperature to drop.  It is still 100* during the day, and unlike Payson there is no shade here.  I came down early because the park in Payson is doing construction and needed me to move.  The cats have forgiven me.  They hate moving.  It didn’t help that I took them to the rabies clinic at TSC for their rabies shots the night before we moved.  Poor Rasta had to deal with a dog in line in front of us that looked at him intently, and it was obvious he was thinking ‘lunch!’.  We all survived.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I’ll be back online soon

I have not had reliable internet, other than when I was at Croft and Norma’s place in Canada, since I moved out of Mesa in June.  My Consumer Cellular hotspot doesn’t work on the weekends, I assume because of the huge influx of weekenders going through the only highway to higher elevation camping from Phoenix.  It is slow and metered when it does connect, and I blow through the allotted 4G of data within 2-3 weeks just reading emails and such.  However, I move back to Mesa on Thursday.  I’ll be camped right under the free wifi tower at the park.  I’m going to watch videos to my heart’s content, and stay glued to the internet 24/7 for awhile I think.  And, when I leave there in December I will hopefully have a better plan in place to connect to everyone.