Friday, August 31, 2012

Almost ready

Just tonight and a wake-up. I am as packed as I'll get. There were several minutes of panic as I couldn't find my US cell phone to charge it. It was found in a place where it would have made the trip, but been useless on the way. I am now sweaty and relieved.

It is funny, as I heading out I'm thinking how much I like it down here. I always do that. I didn't like Washington State until less than 48 hours before I left. This time I will be back in 2 weeks, and I'm sure I will be back to feeling sorry for myself that I'm not back in the States.

Unless I post during the trip, my next post will be from someplace in the US.

Edited to add: Just for fun I took one of my pictures from the park above Tegucigalpa and made it a header picture. Hopefully I'll get some more of my pictures off the camera and into some editing software. The one above is 'as is' from the camera.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Time Shrinks

I don't have time to get ready to leave for 2 weeks. I also can't wait for it to get here. No energy. Probably not everything will get done before I go. Then again, it will all be here when I get back. I hope it is cooler when I get up North. I don't do well in the heat, especially when it goes on for 10 months. I just go slower and slower. I am almost stopped now, and I think reverse isn't far away.

Steps happening to get my resume out there. I need to compose a nice generic cover letter. I don't have the energy. It will work out.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Life Continues

Not a lot going on, and I decided years ago that my journals would not descend into the litany of 'laundry done, dishes done, still working on getting rid of stuff'. That is why the updates are fewer and further between. The above pretty much is what is going on. I am packing 'gorilla boxes' of things to send back, timing it to arrive when I'm there to handle it at the other end. Amazing the amount of thought and energy I'm putting into a 2 week trip back, but that's the way it is. A few things I keep looking at wondering why I'm shlepping them around various countries when I don't use them. Novel thought, huh? So, some things are getting unpacked and given away. The spare room is getting a bit emptier.

I've had a bit of a idealistic setback. I was attempting to lower my meat and dairy consumption. As well as my wheat and sugar consumption. Trouble is, I don't eat much in the way of veggies or fruits. If you are following that, it means that my food intake wasn't much, and cheating was fig newtons and coffee. Amazingly, despite my good intentions in limiting all of the above I was feeling less and less well. So, I'm back to eating meat, still limiting wheat and sugar, eating a lot of nuts and feeling a bit better. Also I'm still losing a bit of weight, which is good. I don't care how much I say 'well, I guess I really do look and feel better at 130' the truth is I would prefer to be below 120. So far the closest I've come is 124 while clothed. I'm not eating to lose weight primarily, but I am enjoying that I'm losing. It keeps me away from the worst sugar. Except fig newtons.