Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wednesday Work In Progress

I have spent a lot of the past week knitting.  I finished the shawl/lap robe/whatever it is by finally getting to the end of the yarn.  I really like the yarn.  I may at some point unravel it and make something else, or maybe I’ll just use it as a throw. The problem with having it on the couch is that Bosley likes to play with it, and has already gotten one stitch kinda pulled out.  I’ll fix that.


I grabbed some more of the thrift shop yarn and wanted to make a more structured shawl with it.  I went to Ravelry and found a free pattern called Favorite by Lisa Doherty.  It is what is called a boomerang shaped shawl and is just 2 rows repeated.  I like to have a mindless knitting project that I can pick up and put down while I knit other things and this works very well for that.


This will just grow as I add rows.  The yarn is a fuzzy acrylic and is very soft.  I have 5 skeins of this yarn and so I may be making several of these wraps/shawls. 

I also completed 2 more of the preemie hats.  I’m tired of the small yarn I’ve been using so I’ll switch up and make the next hat from something else.  I have so much thrift shop yarn that I have plenty to choose from.  I am excited about these smaller projects because I can use up the odd skeins from my stash.  Now if I could just stop buying more yarn.

Then again, I’m wanting to start a top-down seamless sweater, and I’ll buy yarn for that.  There are 2 techniques  I want to learn, the easier being to do a top down raglan sleeve. The I want to try something called a contiguous (or set in) sleeve.  Not sure which I’ll tackle first.  This seems more like something I’ll do this winter.

Sorry, Big Foot, I know this was all gibberish to you.  Smile  Also, I’ll pull out my actual camera and start using it again.  The phone pictures don’t work so well lately.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Tanks for the memory…

In Arizona the term ‘tank’ means a natural depression that tends to hold water.  They are more common in the Northern part of the state.  If you click on the blurry pictures in the previous posts you see there is water at the bottom of the sink (short for sink hole, bear with me).  The water has lily pads floating, and it is really a pretty place.  I keep trying to get back to these tanks when the lily pads are in bloom, but I go in August, and they bloom earlier in the summer I think.  The quality of the pictures is related to wanting to get a blog post out and grabbing the first thing I’ve done lately worthy of posting.  At some point I will go back and try to do the area justice.  I may have mis-spelled Pomeroy Tanks as well.

I ended up driving home last night.  The weather was getting even more rainy and I just wasn’t feeling like being in the Grand Canyon area on a weekend.

I’ll try to post more of my day to day stuff.  One of the reasons I go on these trips is because I get bored with staying home.  I do have stuff to get done before the season ends.

Speaking of ‘season’.  I have decided to stay here at this park through the end of the year.  I talked to the manager down in Apache Junction and she is ok with me only being there 3 months, in that she will hold my spot for me.  I do have plans B and C in case that falls through.

I also plan to have Bloggerfest again.  I have the instructions Rick gave me on how to reserve the ramada at La Posa South.  I know where the signs are.  So far, all systems go.

Friday, August 24, 2018

More tanks

More tanks in the area. This is Northern Arizona.

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Pomory Tanks

Got out hiking g with Mike today up near Williams. I may spend tonight camping up near the Grand Canyon.

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Sunday, August 05, 2018

Beartooth Highway

Yesterday we drove through Yellowstone and on to Beartooth Highway. It was totally awesome. We had tacos at Mas Tacos in Red Lodge and headed back. I may try to put a few more pictures up once I'm back on my computer.

I'm heading south this morning but taking my time. Probably not do much site seeing as I'm wanting to be home. This has been a really good trip and a step in the process to traveling more, as well as connecting up with friends I haven't spent time with for far too long.

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Friday, August 03, 2018

Exploring the National Forest

I'm exploring around in the National Forests outside of Yellowstone. This is where a large section of the mountain at the edge of the canyon gave way during the earthquake in 1959 which flooded the Madison River and created Quake Lake.

I spent Wednesday afternoon and night up in Helena at the NSS convention seeing folks I haven't seen in years. A couple of the folks were not at the convention I went to 2 years ago and so I hadn't seen at least one of them in about 40 years. Nice to reconnect. On the way back to West Yellowstone I stopped in and visited Jim and Sandy Dixon. Jim and Rockey were out fishing but I got to see Sandy and Skittlez in there summer habitat.

Tomorrow my friend and I will head out for more site seeing. She works for the Forest Service here so I'm sure it will be fun.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2018


I spent the night in West Yellowstone, and now I'm headed to Helena to spend a day at the convention seeing some friends I haven't seen in awhile. I'll be back at my friend's in West Yellowstone for the weekend when she has time off work. Definitely cooler here, in all senses of the word.

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