Wednesday, November 01, 2023

New Chapter Begins

 I finished closing up and winterizing the rig up in the cold place and today I can stay home in the warm place (Quartzsite) and enjoy small town living.  That includes the facts that the nearest Walmart is over 30 miles away, the nearest Petsmart is 90 miles away and the nearest Costco is 100 miles away.  This could get interesting.

I had Pattie's Propane deliver a full 100# tank of propane and said I'd hook it up.  I can not get it to not leak.  A neighbor came over with a bigger wrench and he couldn't get it to stop, either.  I went over to Pattie's and they will come look at it.  I paid $280 for the delivered tank.  $200 for the tank and $70 for the propane and $10 delivery fee.  Not a bad price, I guess, once everything works.

I have met a half dozen people here, and gotten a schedule of activities for the month.  It looks like it can be a fun place to live.  I'll run over to the LTVA later and see what is going on.  Word is that they may be putting in a new road.  Report at 11, or whenever I post again.