Monday, October 25, 2021

After all this time... And Bloggerfest

No great insights or anything to excuse the absence.  It's been a busy summer, mostly moving, first my Mom and then myself.  I hadn't gotten settled in when we took the motorhome on a trip back East, dropping Mom off at family in Kansas City and then going to a friend reunion in Kentucky.  I had fun, the motorhome is a bit worse for wear.  It was definitely a shake down trip.  Nothing that money and a repair shop can't fix.  

I'm moving down to the Valley for the winter this next weekend.  I kept saying Friday, but I need to see if anyone will be around to be a second set of eyes as I put the car on the dolly.  I am pretty sure I know the steps, but may not have the hand strength to tighten everything up.    I didn't take the car back East as I have too much difficulty getting gas in the motorhome with the car attached.  The gas cap is in the middle of the back, so placement close to the pump is mandatory.  I'm too long with the car attached to get in and out with my current driving skills.  One tank of gas per trip and everything is great.

Callie dog turned 1 this week.  She is basically settled in.  I haven't trained her as much as would best, but for our lifestyle it works so far.  Bosley cat got comfortable enough while traveling that he actually came out from under the couch a couple of times while we were going down the road.

I haven't felt well for the past week.  I went for a covid test Friday and yesterday got the negative results.  A neighbor had been exposed at work, and I had been around him.  It seems not to be covid, but whatever it is that hits me every year around time to swap places.  I'm clearing out my smaller storage unit and using the previous motorhome for storage, parking it in the storage lot here at this park.  Cheaper than the storage unit, and since I already have the motorhome it is the easy way out.  Also, I'm not sure I could get enough out of the motorhome to buy a cargo trailer to take it's place.

It is time to set the date for Bloggerfest.  Saturday, January 22, 2022 I will be at the shelter house at La Posa South to see anyone who cares to show up. More details once I get settled and can make sure nothing is a problem with that date.  If all goes as I hope, I'll have the motorhome there for the week or so before that date.  Feel free to get the word out.  This is a get together for bloggers, blog readers, and anyone else who cares to show up to get to know and catch up with each other face to face.  I don't know if I'll get George's fancy banner updated to post on the blog or not.