Sunday, September 13, 2015

Coming up for air

Mom and I went to Laughlin for 2 nights, on Harrah's dime.  We took the bus from Surprise.  It was about 4 hours each way.  It was an ok vacation.  Not a lot to do without any transportation.  I enjoyed the river taxis and am in awe at how personable the guys are to everyone.  I'd be done quickly dealing with folks all day like that.  The casinos, none of them, were paying anything.  I don't think I'll go back anytime soon.

This trip had been planned when I was on nights to coincide with my nights off.  When I went to days it was with the stipulation that I still got those days off.  I accidently scheduled the trip to start on Labor day, so I got holiday pay for that one, and comp time for the other holidays I'd worked this summer to round out most of the rest of the time.  It irks me that they now have so many of us on days that we were all pleaded with by our team lead to please take some vacation.  So, I ended up with the rest of the week off.  Meantime, my former night partner is working alone because the one they put with him in my place is off for surgery.  I'm not bitter much.  Long story.

So, with the heat still on, but cooling a tad, and the casinos not paying and work not fun at all, I've stayed quiet.  I am still sorting and getting rid of stuff.  No pictures of the damage from the storm here  at the park for a couple of reasons.  Since most of the damage was of lost awnings and carports and skirting, unless you knew how it looked before it just looks like we have a bunch of newly arrived mobiles here.  The ones with more damage I just find really sad and don't feel like putting that out to the world.  Mom and I were blessed with very little damage, and that was cosmetic, fixed with a few screws tightened here and there.

I did finally get to a doctor.  So far I've had blood work done and my back x-ray'd.  I have some more tests scheduled, then I go back for a look-see at what was found.  My back is getting worse, but the pain is moving around.  All lower back, but it seems to be traveling up down and sideways.  I'm getting back to walking.  Found a fitness routine called Convict Conditioning that starts out really easy, so I'm easing into that.  The name is obviously a marketing thing, but if you check YouTube there are all the directions.  I watch them a lot.  I need to get the movements right, ya know.  The guy demonstrating may or may not be especially motivating to me.  :)