Friday, January 21, 2022

Staying home

I have learned that someone I was around on Tuesday has tested positive for COVID.  I'm still not feeling well from my ordeal yesterday, although I don't have any COVID symptoms.  I don't want to bring any germs out to you folks who are living away from us city folks.  I also don't want to get on the road and realize I'm too lightheaded to finish the trip.

I really wish I wasn't missing visiting with some friends who are in the area the area, as well as missing Bloggerfest.  It seems the responsible thing to do.  Sometimes adulting isn't fun.

I may not be there tomorrow

Bloggerfest is tomorrow at 1pm at the shelter house at La Posa South.  That said, I may not be able to be there.  I collapsed during my biopsy yesterday and spent a couple of hours in ER.  I am ok, it was a fainting spell due to pain when he hit a nerve, which I had warned them I do.  It was one of my more dramatic spells, and I'm a bit lightheaded still.

That said, I'm still going to try to drive over for the day if I feel like I can do it safely.  I hope to see whoever shows up.  If I'm not there I hope some folks who do show up have fun.  I'll post here tomorrow morning what I decide.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Saying goodby to another long time blogger

 If anyone read the comments on my last post we were informed that David Smith, blog on my sidebar Terlingua or Bust, has passed away.  He hadn't blogged in 3 years.  I hope he enjoyed the time on his ranch in Terlingua.

It is difficult to know when to take someone off my sidebar.  Sometimes they start blogging again after awhile.  Others I see still commenting on other's blogs so I hope they will blog again.  Some I keep there because there is good information there that I haven't yet taken time to transfer someplace else I can find.  I do think about what I can do to let folks who might want to know if anything were to happen to me where I can't blog anymore.  No real fail-safe ways to do it so far.

On Monday I take the motorhome in to have the parking brake fixed.  More on that once it happens.  I look around and think of things that need to go into the shed as I always try to be prepared in case anything happens to the motorhome while on the road.  We will stay in it while the work is being done, hopefully only a few hours, less if they need to order parts.

My rescheduled biopsy is on the 20th.  Bloggerfest is on the 22nd (again, sorry for picking the wrong Saturday).  In between and after I am still working on sorting and getting rid of stuff.  Also, a big thing is just not buying much.  I'm a work in progress.

Friday, January 07, 2022

Oops - Bloggerfest

 I looked (quickly) at a past journal to set the date for Bloggerfest and thought that I posted on the date of the event.  I see now it was 'next Saturday', and I've looked back on other journals, and yes, it was a week later.  I'll leave it at the 22nd, unless there is a conflict for someone who wants to attend.

Calendar is filling up

The biopsy was rescheduled for the 20th.  They didn't have the right shape marker clip.  I'm putting it down to supply chain issues.  Didn't realize it until the last minute.  It needed to be a different shape than the one already there from a previous biopsy in 2016, and the only shape they had was the same.

I have an appointment to have the emergency brake fixed on the motorhome on the 17th.  Barring a parts issue that should be go to go for the trip to Quartzsite.

Now to start troubleshooting the electrical problem.

Thursday, January 06, 2022

Bloggerfest and catching up

I'm just not writing much anywhere lately.  Bloggerfest is still on for Saturday, January 22 at 1pm.  I'll be at the shelter house/pavilion at La Posa South with Callie dog.  Come on by.

In other news, I go in for a biopsy of the other breast this morning.  Not too worried about the result, it's not a mass this time.  My history of breast cancer makes them check out any anormality.

My good friend Turtle Lady lost her husband Tuesday night.  He had fought Parkinson's and Lewy Body dementia for several years.  I feel very far away from her over in Kentucky now.

Mom is doing well.  I get reports from the neighborhood watchers of most of her activities.  She knows this.  In RV parks there are always eyes watching to make sure everything is ok.  I personally like that.  I'm far removed from the lifestyle that needed to worry about who sees what I do.

I'm waffling on what vehicle to take to Quartzsite.  The motorhome would be most comfortable, maybe.  The 12V system isn't really functional while boondocking, but the generator works.  There is a week long campout memorial for a good friend, Mike Ardenaz, otherwise known as HighDesertRanger in the nomad community.  It starts the 22nd.  Turtle Lady was going to try to come out for that but I don't know if she will now.  I may end up just bringing the car and sleep over for a night with the gathered friends.

I'll post the results of the biopsy.when I know.