Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More on Blogs

I have been thinking more about my rant here the other day.  I guess this is hitting me because when I started my blog(s) I saw it as a portal to put my own persona out on the web.  I have my own domain, which I do not use for the blog, and have been on the internet for years, and before that on email lists and such.  The blog was the next step in exploring the technology, and I spent some time mentally putting together what I wanted it to be as a reflection of who I am on the net.  I am nicer on the net than I am in person, by the way. 

These new 'focused' blogs that follow the cookie-cutter mentality and where making money is the main goal of the blog bother me.  I still remember when there was a huge fight about letting the internet go commercial rather than keeping it academic (and military, let's be truthful) only.  I guess that is some of what I'm feeling, that tug that it was more fun out here in blog land when they were used for personal expression and not just money making.

Mind you, I have no issues at all with blogs that folks talk about what they love and just happen to have some ads to make some money.  Most of those folks would be writing in some forum anyway.  People who are RV'ing and write about their travels and such especially.  I get value from the blogs and have even been known to donate some money if someone I followed regularly had major issues (such as a heart attack with no insurance).  I guess I just stumbled onto the personal financial blogs, the minimalism blogs, the 'location 180' self-employment blogs, at lot of which are just out there to make a buck and let folks brag about how they are making money working from their computer from exotic locations or whatever.  Some of these blogs are set up to have a formal group go to each other's blogs and click ads to make each other money.  They all write about the same books, and most will have an e-book for sale or some e-course, mostly telling you how to write an e-book or set up and e-course.  sigh. 

Time to go through my blog list and eliminate a few I guess.  I'm also feeling a bit like I'm shaking my walker at the young punks yelling 'Get off my lawn!'  Is this yet another sign that I'm irrefutably old?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


There is an article on CNN today about how to make your blog more popular.  It makes it sound like if I'm writing a blog about just my life, general topics with no overridding focus, and there are no comments (which there aren't here, much) that my blog is a total loser and I might as well just crawl into some dark crack somewhere and give up on life.  Well, I disagree.  I'm not so happy with the current rush to have a 'popular' blog, and to have lots of ads and make money from said blog.  In fact, on one blog (this is posted to two different sites) I actually pay money to keep ads the heck off my blog.  I don't really care how popular this blog is since I mostly write for myself and to let any interested friends know what I'm up to.  If online folks enjoy anything I write here, great.  If not, I still enjoy the process of writing and am learning a lot from keeping an online blog.  I'm learning that blogging on any kind of schedule is difficult for me.  I'm learning that having new and interesting material to write is even more difficult.  I appreciate the blogs I follow more because I have a good idea of how much dedication it takes to put out the quality they do.  I'm not so interested in those blogs that jump out to tell me how to live, in the narrow focus and popular vernacular of the day, who have all the right ads and who mention on the side that if I was just as cool as them I could also make money with my blog, and to learn how just buy their new e-book and put an affiliate link...  No affiliate links here.  If I like something I say so, and if I don't I also say so.
Sorry, just had to get all that out of my system.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's Time

Time to update.  I got back to Washington State in one piece, then proceeded to come down with a bad cold. Over two weeks later I still have the cold, although not nearly as bad.  The last day in Tennessee was starting to be true summer, very hot and humid.  Back here it is still chilly.  The past few days it finally stopped raining, and the weather has been beautiful.  I really need to get out into it today and at least go for a walk.  I also need to make plans for next weekend as it's a 3 day weekend and I want to go exploring.

I am looking at my stuff with the eye to packing it all up again.  I'm going to extend my contract here at this apartment because I'll lose all of my deposit wherever I am.  In fact, out here the people consider it a good deal if they don't get socked for an additional cleaning fee beyond the deposit, as in up to $1000.00.  I know of a couple of folks that happened to, not just one, so I consider it a trend.  Since I feel better now than I have since I got back I'll start the process of looking for another job someplace else.  While I like the area, I can't afford to live here in the Pacific Northwest, and it doesn't have any hold on me to keep trying.

Ongoing projects include getting back to scanning important documents and getting rid of stuff.  I made enough room in the storage unit back in Nashville to hold what I have out here if I need to consolidate things while I go work someplace out of the country.  As always, I could have gotten rid of more while there, but it was emotionally draining being back there with no real place to call my own.

I'll try to post progress on at least one project later today or tomorrow.  Again I'm thinking I would like to update here more often.  I'll see how it goes.

Friday, June 04, 2010

I'm Officially Old

First it was while in Pigeon Forge last week.  Since I now have contacts I didn't get transitions lenses on my glasses.  I figured the glasses were just for evenings after taking my contacts.  Well, I end up wearing my glasses a lot, so I needed clip on sunglasses.  I found some neat ones that are spring loaded clip-on and made of glass.  So very (insert what decade, I'm not sure if it's 60's or 70's or what).  I love them.  I'm officially old.

Then, yesterday I joined AARP.  With the discount I'll get on the motel next week, it more than will pay for the membership.  When I go today and rent a car, I'll get another discount.  I caved.  So, I am irrefutably old.  Sigh.