Monday, July 16, 2012

Taking a break

I may as well admit that I am just not on the computer as much lately. Well, I'm on the computer as much, but at work we are locked down and I can't get to blogs, including this one to post updates. I am getting loose ends tied up in other areas. If feels like a time to gather energy to get ready to move on. I hope so, anyway.

One of my issues is that I don't really post much about work, and I don't want to post a lot about the area where I live. This is a small country, and it wouldn't be difficult for someone to figure out who I am in real life. Is that a problem? I don't know. So, I keep very quiet about a lot of the details of life down here. Maybe once I leave I'll post some of the pictures.

Also, it is just not safe to wander around down here with a camera out. The vast majority of the time it would be fine. I don't want that one time someone would decide they needed my camera/cell phone/money and id's to make me feel even more afraid. This isn't a vacation, I'm living here and out and about every day. This fear of getting out and doing things is one reason I'm so bored now. It is good in that it is making me do the necessary things to move on.

If I don't post much, and if I am even more boring than usual when I do, that's why.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Good Intentions

I now have lots of ideas on things to post, along with pictures. However, the execution is lacking, and so I haven't been posting at all. I guess I'll just ramble for awhile until I get the pictures taken and a proper post crafted.

I have new neighbors in one of the upstairs apartments. A family, with 2 kids. Until now, this place was kid-free, and I'm not so much a kid friendly person. I do ok in small doses when I can hand the kids back. The energy level around here has stepped up, as has the foot traffic in and out to the street. These are not good things for me. I am looking to move, after I give them a few more days to settle in. I may have already lost the neighbor upstairs who was a single man who speaks English. I haven't seen him since the family moved in. That makes 2 steps backwards as far as I'm concerned.

One reason that posts have dropped off from me is that blogs are now blocked at work. I used to be able to take a few minutes and blather away here when things were slow. I may try posting via email again to see how it works.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Is it Friday yet?

No? sigh. Yes, I had yesterday off work. I hope everyone had a good Independence Day. I stayed home and got a lot more caught up. I am to the point now that I'm starting to see blank spaces occasionally. I know that a 2 bedroom apartment full of stuff is more than I like to keep up with. Slowly more things are heading to the 'donate' pile.

Nothing special going on to write about. I'm working late shift today to cover a co-worker's vacation day. Paying bills - I get paid once a month on the 1st, or the 2nd this month - and budgeting so that I make it the rest of the way to the end of the pay period. It really is a lot easier to do that now that the vast majority of the debt is going away. I do need to contact the Realtor to see if the eviction letter went out to my tenant. I'll be glad when that house and it's debt are gone. I am blessed, though, I know, to be able to carry the low payment while this is all going down. A lot of folks ended up in much worse places financially than I with houses that wouldn't sell.

Think I'll spend the evening part of my shift looking for more places to send my resume. I'm out of touch with what is going on in the States as far as the job situation. Others say it is difficult to get a job even in Military contracting right now in the States. May need to widen my search. I want some place that I have more options in things to do, or at least a lot more money so I can save to not need a job. :)