Sunday, September 29, 2013

On the Road

I'm in Kansas City staying at Mom's place. The two storage units are getting staged for loading into a big moving truck on Tuesday. Family has been rounded up to direct younger family members who will hopefully heft and tote the stuff into the trucks under the supervision on my Aunt who can load 'more than 10 lbs of * into a 5 lb bag'. Getting all my stuff into the 24' truck, the largest Budget has, will test her skills. I have found at least 3 pieces of furniture I forgot I had. Mom says just leave them, my uncle can use the wood from them in his shop. I am sick at the thought of the furniture of my youth being torn up, but many stories on the net and in various magazines mentions that youth these days don't want all the stuff we 'older folks' kept all those years.

I had hoped to get rid of some stuff while sort through, but instead Mom keeps giving me more stuff. I am taking it with plans to have large piles of things for a 'free' box at the park where I live. I am also not taking some of it. Really.

Friday, September 13, 2013


This has been a week of pondering options. A job agent (automated bot that scans job positions and sends me ones that meet the criteria I've set) sent me notice that a job back on the Honduras contract I had wanted is now open. I've stayed in contact with my former boss, and I've been talking to him. There are good and not as good points about both going back and staying here. I'm pondering.

I am on the cusp of going back to MO and getting my things in storage there. For the first time since I drove off from Nashville in the big moving truck with my Jeep hitched on behind I am close to having everything I own in one place. As such I'm working on getting the new place ready for the huge influx of just stuff. For the past few days this has taken the form of measuring the space in the bedroom, the air mattress, and comparing all of it to the IKEA catalog. For $500 I can build a base for the mattress with storage, and have the alcove filled with drawers. This should go a long way to storing all my clothes. This morning I'm looking at the card balances and my paycheck, and I'm thinking that cardboard boxes and the mattress on the floor aren't so bad.

I met a fellow blogger and her husband for lunch 2 days ago. Judy of Judy's Quilts and Things (see sidebar) and her husband moved to Phoenix recently. We spent the time talking mostly about yarn and knitting while her spousal unit sat patiently nearby. It is nice to feel like I know someone local now outside of work. I had met another online-only friend when I first moved here as well. I have yet to have a bad experience when meeting bloggers or people I only know through message boards on line. Everyone has pretty much been the way they come across when they write. Then yesterday a former co-worker from my time in Honduras was in town and we met and talked for over an hour. I ran my ideas about going back and he weighed in on his point of view. It was good to sit down with someone I've known for a few years and really talk and catch up on what's been happening with friends from down there. All in all a much more social week than normal.

Temperatures are starting to get down into a range I can tolerate for more than just a few minutes outside. I'm looking forward to getting out and hiking some, as well as travel around the area more. Not a lot else going on, just a lot of pondering my options and trying to make sensible decisions.