Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Nearing the end

 Up until a week ago my almost 91 yo Mom was still driving.  Last Thursday I went up and took her shopping at Walmart.  Her legs were weak getting into and out of the car and I was hoping she would decide that it it time to give up the car.  I do almost all the driving now anyway.  She used the cart as a backup walker while we shopped but still walked on her own.

A friend talked to her on the phone Sunday night.  She didn't feel well and had a headache.  I went back up Monday, but when I tried to call to say I was coming she didn't answer her phone.  The door was still locked when I got there.  I let myself in and I processed she was on the floor in the bedroom as she said she thought she'd had a stroke.

Ambulance rides and ER and finding a bed for her down here in the Valley (Phoenix metro) and I got a call from the doctor at Banner Heart she had arrived.  When I went in next morning she was moving still and talking some.  By afternoon she wasn't responding to me or the nurses.

Heart attack, not stroke.  No course of action except hospice.  Today with the drugs to relax her she is just laying there brearhing.

While typing this I realized I no longer heard her breathing.  She's gone.