Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Catching up

As Doug pointed out in a comment, the weather has changed.  It is already too hot during the day, in the 90's with a too bright sun beating down.  I hide in the air conditioning in the middle of the day.  Nights are still about perfect, though.

I am sort of moved into the Class A.  The Class C sold.  Now it is just finding a place for everything.  The extra space has filled up quickly.  I also moved everything that was in my Mesa storage units into one storage unit up in Payson.  I've changed my mailing address to Mom's in Payson as well.  All this is to get ready to be more mobile.

Mom came through the exploratory procedure just fine.  She is still weak.  I got her some Ensure on Sunday and helped her get to the laundry room and back.  I'm headed back there again today to register the rig and I'll see if she needs anything.

The park where I lived last summer looks to have a couple of empty spaces.  I may call the manager to see about reserving one for at least a month.  I'm not ready to head out for a summer of working yet, and I think I should stay close right now for Mom.

Cat is happy, I'm getting stuff done, all is good.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Brrrr even in Phoenix

I figured out that the reason my furnace wasn't putting out heat was that I'd turned the propane off instead of on after it was filled.  This is also why the fridge wasn't working and the water heater indicator lights were odd.  Last night I confidently went to bed with the furnace set to come on when it got chilly in the night.  A couple of folks (thanks Sandie) pointed out that the furnace runs from the 12v system so I didn't have to run the generator to have heat.  It was still cold when the alarm went off as the house battery apparently won't last all night for the furnace.  Or something.  Still in the steep part of the learning curve.  I keep telling g myself that it is good to be basically boondocking on a temporary site to learn this stuff.

I got up early because Mom has a procedure at the hospital today and so I need to be in Payson in a few hours.  I need to go turn on the water so I can take a shower now that it is warm in here.  The water connection on this site leaks so I don't turn it on except when I need water.  I was going g to fill the fresh water tank because the original water hose was a disaster but the former owner put a different one on and warned me to not have the wear and tear on my water pump.  Since he is the park manager and has been so helpful as I learn my way around I decided to go with that.  Then the other end started leaking...

I'm getting moved.  Most that was lost has been found.  The cat is settling in, other than when the generator is running and he hides.

I think I just decided to take my shower at Mom's once I get there.  I'm running late waiting for it to be warm enough.  I will stay the night up there as she needs someone there for 24 hours afterwards.

I thought I'd have more leisure time when I wasn't working anymore.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Moving mutter mutter

I keep forgetting how slow I move when I start in to move.  It is taking game 3 or 4 times as long g to get things transferred
From one rig to the other.  

Ms. B, I know my life doesn't make a lot of sense sometimes and his is one of those times.  The trip to Seattle was scheduled in advance of me knowing when the new(er) rig would be available.  As happens for me, everything came together at the same time.  So, the money came in the day before I left on my trip, and I actually paid for it the day after I came back.  I'm feeling really tired right now.

The cat and I slept in the new rig last night.  There is no water or electricity.  I brought a gallon of water to make coffee, and am running the generator.  It was cold in here since I didn't run the generator all night to run the furnace.  This boondocking thing obviously has a learning curve.

I need to do a bunch of stuff today to get legal in this with insurance and plates and stuff.  I need to clear up some things on the other rig and I may have it sold, but probably not.  I need to find my prescription medicines that have taken a hike in all this.  I need a nap.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

It begins

I have put off moving as long as I can.  The actual moving of the new RV to my spot won't happen soon for a few reasons, but I will start moving things into it.  Since I plan to actually drive it to new locations once I'm living in it I should get over this idea that I need to wait until it is not going to move for awhile.  I just need to put things where they will ride without incident.  Right.

I looked at the cat and I formed him that his life is changing, again.  The new(er) RV is in this same park currently, but I think I need to get the car carrier out from storage.  First of many things that I will now have room to keep in the rig where I need it rather than in a storage unit.

So, put my shoes on and take some token load over, then head to the storage unit.  The driver and passenger seats are leather so I need to cover them with blankets for now to keep them safe from the cats claws.  Luckily the dash is plastic so it is (probably) safe.