Four Peaks in snow

Monday, March 06, 2017

Brrrr even in Phoenix

I figured out that the reason my furnace wasn't putting out heat was that I'd turned the propane off instead of on after it was filled.  This is also why the fridge wasn't working and the water heater indicator lights were odd.  Last night I confidently went to bed with the furnace set to come on when it got chilly in the night.  A couple of folks (thanks Sandie) pointed out that the furnace runs from the 12v system so I didn't have to run the generator to have heat.  It was still cold when the alarm went off as the house battery apparently won't last all night for the furnace.  Or something.  Still in the steep part of the learning curve.  I keep telling g myself that it is good to be basically boondocking on a temporary site to learn this stuff.

I got up early because Mom has a procedure at the hospital today and so I need to be in Payson in a few hours.  I need to go turn on the water so I can take a shower now that it is warm in here.  The water connection on this site leaks so I don't turn it on except when I need water.  I was going g to fill the fresh water tank because the original water hose was a disaster but the former owner put a different one on and warned me to not have the wear and tear on my water pump.  Since he is the park manager and has been so helpful as I learn my way around I decided to go with that.  Then the other end started leaking...

I'm getting moved.  Most that was lost has been found.  The cat is settling in, other than when the generator is running and he hides.

I think I just decided to take my shower at Mom's once I get there.  I'm running late waiting for it to be warm enough.  I will stay the night up there as she needs someone there for 24 hours afterwards.

I thought I'd have more leisure time when I wasn't working anymore.


  1. If your house batteries are in good shape they should run the furnace all night, We done run ours at night , just turn it on in the morning and in no time it's toasty warm. Good luck with getting all the quirks taken care of.

  2. Like George says. We don't run the furnace at night, just pile on more blankets and then warm the place up in the morning. The furnace is the biggest draw on the batteries that you have but depending on where you set the thermostat I would thing it would work for one night. A new battery might be in your future. Is there a date on your battery?

  3. Everyone already said it, looks like you'll need a new house battery or two if you plan on boondocking.
    Hope your Mom's procedure goes well.
    Always a learning curve with any new RV.
    Been busier since we retired than before.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. There are so many things to learn when you start living in an RV. I didn't even do much boondocking, but there was a real learning curve in managing batteries, propane, etc. You'll figure it all out. Good luck to your Mom's procedure.

  5. I set my furnace at 60 and let it roar when needed. Of course I start the night with a full battery set thanks to my solar array.

  6. No Brrr! in Phoenix now Shadowmoss.