Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Picture for Al in Bayfield

I'm in MN and saw a local solution(?) to the squirrel in the feeders war.
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Monday, May 27, 2019

I'm in MN

Mom and I got to my Aunt's place. There are a couple of stories, but I don't want to go into it right now. Forgetting about the second hour of time change when looking at radar and planning to out run a storm by less than an hour makes for an exciting trip.

I got into my friends' place about an hour ago and am soon to be fed. I'll stay here for a few days and then go back to MO and visit more with family before heading back to AZ.

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Monday, May 20, 2019

Plans and Progress

It is a cold, rainy day here.  I have the furnace cranked up.  This is better than 100* days.  Mom and I are heading back East at the end of this week.  Mom is already packed.  I'm getting there.  A neighbor is going to feed Bosley.  I have a couple of cases of his food already here, and I got 7 gallons of filtered water from the water kiosk today.  He should be good to go.  I also have a newly opened box of litter for the fancy automatic litter box.  I'm clearing and cleaning the motor home.  Laundry was done yesterday, hand laundry is drying as I type.  What few important or valuable (to me) things I have are being put into the storage unit while I'm gone.

The progress is that the car will be packed with 'good stuff' to take to younger cousins.  A nice set of dishes that are too big to use in the RV, some of my smaller professional clothes, a few art supplies I'll never get around to using going to one of my cousins who is showing a lot of art talent.  It is a start, and a cut deeper into my stuff in storage.  A younger friend here asked why I'm spending so much time getting going through my stuff and getting rid of things rather than doing 'fun' stuff with my time.  I guess the answer is that this is what I feel I need to do right now.  A bunch of fancy skin care stuff I haven't used since I quit working hit the trash last week.  Other expired things are following suit.  It feels like progress.

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Breaking Radio Silence

I'm up in my summer spot.  I was immediately knocked to my knees with allergies for the first time in my life.  I blew my nose non-stop for 2 weeks and it took me awhile to get over all the allergy medicine I took trying to control the symptoms.  I have never had to take any of that stuff before.  Anyway, then I had to get back to doing all the stuff that I had not been doing for 3 weeks.  I'm almost back to what passes for normal for me.

I'm doing this post from Blogger rather than email (my preferred way since Live Journal died) as I'm going to have to do some major renovation of my blog.  Photobucket has locked me out of being able to deleted the pictures down to the number they allow in a free account.  I'm going to upload the pictures from May of 2009, when I learned how to insert pictures, until I started using Live Journal which put the pictures in the post without the Photobucket middle man.  Most folks started reading after Live Journal, but my Honduras pictures will have to be re-inserted.  I have the pictures, I just have to get them back into the blog.

It is difficult for me to go back and read my blog.  I have a lot of less than optimal lifestyle decisions going on in there.  I ended up ok, but boy, was it painful at times.  I guess that is the good/bad of having a blog for over 10 years.  I need to get the pictures thing sorted  before June 1 when the pictures become blurred unless I pay them ransom.