Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Picture for Al in Bayfield

I'm in MN and saw a local solution(?) to the squirrel in the feeders war.
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  1. Wow...that ought to make them pesky squirrels think twice !

  2. That's quite an elaborate and imaginative bird feeder. As long as it defeats the Squirrels that's all that matters. Thanks for the pic:))

  3. Give the squirrels a little time, they will figure a way to get to it (grin). Here at my place, the squirrels eat more bird feed than the birds do.

  4. I tried a 16" wide tin band, but the squirrels simply leapt (lept?) across it going up the tree. I've found a high quality, scoped pellet rifle to work well.

    Now they've chewed a hole in my plastic tote lid where I keep the sunflower seeds. They climb inside, and sit on the seeds and munch down.