Wednesday, August 02, 2023

Time to start thinking about Fall

 Most of my good intentions this summer have fizzled out.  It got hot and I stopped going up the Rim to hike.  I'm still thinking about some of the concepts in the Most Human Human book and I don't think I got 3 chapters in.  I've lost the link where I was reading it but I may find it in a library or ebook somewhere and read some more.  Organizing and getting rid of things has moved to going through boxes and bags and sorting the individual stuff and tossing some things I never thought I'd toss.  If I can't figure someplace to donate something, or it is too used to give someone else I am now putting it in the dumpster.  I have lots of that stuff.

I drove shuttle yesterday to take a customer to MD Anderson Cancer Center down in Gilbert.  That is where I go for my cancer followup appointments as well.  He was suitably impressed by the facility, as am I.  As I waiting for him I noticed that a number of the people going in and out were very thin.  Painfully thin.  I'm thinking I'll hold on to my few pounds extra as long as I can.  I may need them at some point.

I'm starting to think about what to take back down to the motorhome that will move to Quartzsite.  I don't want to put anything that high temperature will damage.  However, my extra TP, paper towels that Mom left that I'm still working my way through, things like that will start moving back.  I'll move that motorhome  to Quartzsite the first week of September.  I'm also thinking of starting a deep clean of this motorhome before it goes back to the storage space.  I'll move pets and myself out of this one and into the one in Q around November 1.

The rains arrived and cooled things down a bit so I've been a bit more motivated.  In another 10 years or so I will have everything set up as I want it.