Monday, May 15, 2017

Amarillo by morning..

We stopped just shy of Amarillo around 6pm local.  The wind was getting crazy, even for me, and the clouds darker.  I had scoped the Oasis RV park already from the Good Sam directory.  Once checked in at an affordable-ish $34, I checked and we had just beat a nasty looking storm just back to the west of us.

This park is newer, and is nice.  Everything just works.   Mom and I both hit the bath house for long hot showers.  Bosley didn't come out for a long time, probably because the wind was rocking the RV even with the jack's down.

We are less than 650 miles from our first stop to visit family.  So far so good.  The wind has died down so I'm thinking with a bit earlier start tomorrow we shouldn't have any issues.

We survived so far

The driving was easier for me, even though it was windy again.  I think the wind is just something I need to deal with driving this time of year.  We left around 9am Arizona time and rolled into to park in Albuquerque around 4pm local or 3 Arizona time.

Other than a minor mishap with Mom's coffeemaker this morning we are doing fine.  It is 9am local and we have just finished breakfast and my ibuprophen and caffeine are kicking in.  All our neighbors have already left, but I'm not in a huge hurry.  I am out of propane so we will get that on the way out.

Goal is at least Amarillo, and maybe further.  There is a rest area we may stop and see what our options are if we get past Amarillo.  If I'm too trashed we will get another campground.  Otherwise we will stay at the rest area.


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Here we go

Tomorrow morning  Mom and I leave for a couple of week trip 'back East' in the motorhome.  General plan is here to Albuquerque, staying in the same park I was in before for the first night, to Amarillo to Oklahoma City to north of Kansas City.  Stay there a couple of days with family.  On to Favorite Neighbor's place in MN and stay there a couple of days.  Back to family for Memorial day weekend then reverse the process home.  This is written in pencil, after the first night.

I have disconnected the sewer hose that had to be snaked around under the RV to the further back corner.  That was... Interesting.  I have washed the outside of the windshield and got some of the bugs off the front of the rig.  Mom has brought most of her stuff over, including a lot of food for us to eat on the trip.  I still have to stow a few things of mine to reduce clutter.  Tomorrow morning I start the checklist and we leave hopefully around 10.

What to take, what to put back in storage, leaving the cars here as I don't have a tow dolly yet or the confidence to pull it.  However as I remember, there are stores back East, and some have large enough parking lots for me to get the motorhome in and out with few issues.

If you are on I-40 this week, watch out for the crazy Class A driver with a worried looking navigator and wild eyed cat barreling down the road.