Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On Vacation

I'm on Mom's computer in Kansas City.  Flying in was a bit more of an issue than usual.  I was to leave at 3:00pm and route through Denver.  Weather kept us waiting for clearance to head that way (on Denver's end).  I walked over to the counter and asked to be re-routed since I wanted to get to Kansas City anyway.  I was given a boarding pass for a direct flight leaving in an hour.  That flight was also delayed.  But, as we were leaving around 5:30 the Denver bound plane was still sitting there.  Who knows where my luggage is.  Hopefully we can get it at the Kansas City airport this morning.  I have my clothes, it is just my sweaters and camping gear and such that is missing.

I may not have a lot of access while I'm moving around the next couple of weeks.  We head to Nashville this morning.  Then I have no plans except to wander around the Southeast for a week.  I'll check in when I can.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Raining again

I don't think I'll need an ark, though.  It is a light rain this time.  Everyone was freaking out at the forecast after the last go-round.  At least here in Mesa we only have enough to soak the ground for a bit.

I'm getting closer to finalizing my vacation plans for the 29th on.  I'm going to stay in the Southeast and play around in the Smokies on the week that I leave Mom in Nashville visiting friends.  I need a week just to wander around my old favorite places.  Not sure how many folks I'll get to see while I'm back.

Here at home I'm just clearing and cleaning and fixing broken stuff and mending clothes and generally trying to get my homelife situated.  I'm tired of living among plastic totes lined up everywhere.  I can only throw a tablecloth over so many and call them end tables.  I'm starting to look at those plastic Rubbermaid storage sheds to put behind my mobile home to hold the empty totes that I'm not using right now.  It is a step towards the endgame.  I'm looking at those as a more temporary measure that I can either move with me if/when I leave here, or sell to someone else and it would be easier to move either way.  Still researching.

I'm still in a funk.  However, I'm in a winning streak of sorts at the casinos so I'm at least breaking even for now.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I didn't drown

The 100 years' rain didn't cause me any hardship the other day as I was at work during the rain, and the flooding had all drained away by the time I got off work.  Water here is kind of like snow in the South - wait a couple of hours and it is usually gone.

I went to Vegas again last week on my days off.  While making myself wake up to turn off the alarm to go to work when I got back I had the thought hit me from some place deep inside 'I'm not happy'.  When that happens I start thinking.  I knew that I hurt from all the walking I always do in Vegas, and I was very tired from having my routine thrown off because of my strange working hours that are difficult to stick to on my days off.  So, body was low energy.  Diet hasn't been great.  First steps are to get sleep and good nutrition squared away.  Then look to tie up some nagging details.  I've done all this now, and also canceled the second Vegas trip that I'd scheduled for next week as being too taxing physically right now.  I'll enjoy it more in November or December.  I'm making plans for my vacation at the end of the month to get away, back East to see how that all feels.  Once all the data is in, I'm going to do some looking around, inside and out, and make some decisions.  When I get too unhappy, the Universe tends to do things like send me to Honduras.  I'm careful what I wish for now.