Friday, December 28, 2018

Plan B… C? D? W?

It looks like Turtle Lady won’t make it out here for the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous in January after all.  I don’t know how much time I will spend in Quartzsite there myself.  The predicted attendance is somewhere around 10 Thousand?  Not my idea of a good time.  I am back to thinking I’ll go over for a night in the car and see how it feels.  Bosley won’t be happy.

I’m heading to Algodonez, MX next Thursday to refill my medicines.  I want to get it done before all the snowbirds get back and make the line to get back into the US too long.

I had a nice, but quiet, Christmas.  I went up to visit Mom.  There was some sad news from Favorite Neighbor up in MN.  Her daughter, who was in a nursing home due to some chronic physical issues, died early Christmas Eve.  I’m sure she can use any good thoughts and prayers anyone wants to send her way.

No plans for New Years.  Next big thing for me is Bloggerfest.  I’m cleaning and clearing stuff and mostly just sitting on the couch with Bosley.  Oh, and still knitting on the sweater.

Saturday, December 22, 2018


I sent the letter to the BLM requesting the use of the Ramada at La Posa South on Saturday, January 26, 2019.  I have not heard back, but I did ask that he let me know if we could not use it then as quickly as possible.  I’m taking no response yet as an affirmative.  So, Bloggerfest will happen from 1-4pm on the last Saturday of January.If I’m counting right, this is the 5th time we have gotten together.

All are invited, blog writers, blog readers, those who want to ask questions, whatever.  Come on down!  Bring a snack to share and a chair to sit on.  If you are so inclined bring business cards with the info about your blog on them to hand out.  I never get that organized…

I’m hoping that George will update the Bloggerfest banner and post it so those who want to can post it on their blogs to get the word out. 

Friday, December 21, 2018

Work in Progress

This is the sweater that I wanted to finish by the end of November. It is a work in progress still. I learned a few new techniques, including knitting it from the top down. I'm to the easy part now, just knit until the body is long enough.

I went to lunch with Sandie and Jim Dixon yesterday as an early celebration for my birthday, no one I would want to celebrate with more than them.

I have low key plans for the rest of the week. I'll spend my birthday on Sunday working a jigsaw saw puzzle, continuing a family tradition with the puzzles. I haven't worked them regularly for several years. We'll see how it goes. I bought a couple from the thrift store my Aunt and Mom and I went to when we were back in Missouri. I will head up to Mom's on Christmas day for a couple of hours. In between will be house cleaning and laundry and hopefully finishing the sweater.

I spent the night out at the local Harrah's in a free room they comp'ed me. I'm going to take a shower in the large glass shower, drink another cup of coffee and head home. My urge to travel has been quenched for the time being, and it was easier than heading up to Vegas.

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Place Holder?

After I haven’t posted in awhile I feel like I need to make a really good, interesting post with a cool picture.  I have not been inspired.  I decided I’d let anyone who is curious know I am still alive.

I’m back down in the Valley.  It definitely got too cold up in the Payson area for me and for the motor home.  It is none too warm in the Valley, either.  Other than catching up with snowbird friends and eating out occasionally, I’m not doing much.  I am knitting a sweater that isn’t going particularly well.  I may end up frogging it back and reknitting it.  Or, I may just wear it anyway.  At any rate, I am not finished with it yet so I will make the decision when it is finished and I put it on.