Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Heading East

I am watching the start of a nice sunrise at a rest area in Colorado. I'm heading to MN via family in MO. I've spent the night driving and napping in various rest areas. Kansas should be interesting on little sleep.

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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Phyllis Lundeen

Phyllis was referred to in this blog as Favorite Neighbor.  I try not to 'out' people who don't blog as they may not want to be known online.  This picture was from when I visited her at the rehab center where she was staying when I was up in MN in May.

Phyllis passed last week.  She was, I believe, 93.  During our visit she patted me and told me "You are still ours, you still belong to us."  Back when we both lived in Mesa, her as a snowbird, she always treated me as family.  Her son and daughter in law have followed suit, and included Mom once she moved into the same park.  On Tuesday I will again drive up to MN to attend her memorial service.  Mom is sending cookies to add to the meal served after the service.  I've been informed I will be sitting with the family.  I will be saying goodby to a good friend.

Rod Ivers, who we lost a few years ago, used to really enjoy taking Phyllis and I out for dinner when the two of them were living down here in AZ as snowbirds.  I still miss him and I miss the fun of trying different restaurants with him and Phyllis.  I remember he specifically bought a small step stool to help Phyllis, who was shorter than I even, climb into his 4 door Jeep Wrangler.  It is the simple things like that I miss.

In a twist of fate, Phyllis' memorial service is the same day as Norma Randle's Celebration of Life up in Canada.  I will be thinking of all of them, as Croft and Norma used to park right behind Phyllis' mobile home at the park in Mesa and we were all intertwined in various adventures as the winter snowbird seasons progressed.