Friday, August 21, 2020

Yes, I'm alive

 This is the summer of not doing much.  The rains finally arrived, then we had another stretch of hot, dry weather.  My front air conditioner decided to die in the middle of it.  Luckily I have a rear unit and it works ok.  I put a fan in between to try to blow the cooler air towards the front.  When that doesn't work I take my computer and just lie on the bed below the strongest vent.

Mom is doing fine.  The doctor changed her medicine as the other medicine started giving her issues again.  The new medicine is about the same.  We are supposed to fly to Kansas City to see family in a couple of weeks, but how she feels determines whether we go.  The tickets are refundable to the last minute, almost literally.

Mostly I sit home and knit.  I'm not getting some things done that I actually could be doing, but I'm in a sluggish rut.  That is one reason I haven't been updating here.  I'm not doing much and I am not keeping up with things I could be doing..