Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from me and the kitties

I'm at work.  I told my team lead to go ahead and schedule me on Holidays as Mom and I can celebrate anytime before or after.  Because he took me at my word (  :)  )  I'm missing two really good dinners today.  I don't get off until 8pm.  They will deliver us a dinner with all the trimmings from some local place in a couple of hours, though, so I'll get plenty to eat.

Since I came into work later than usual I was able to sit in my chair with my feet on the footstool and my coffee in hand for awhile.  I ended up with both kitties on my lap stretched out for a nap.  Felt cruel to disturb them, so I kinda took one as well.

All else is going well in my world.  Hope it is the same for all of you.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

It begins

I took my first Levothyroxine tablet this morning.  I was really, really worried that I'm not supposed to eat for 1 hour after I take it.  Mom gets up in the middle of the night to take hers.  Turns out I can have black coffee, just no calories.  So, I'm good.  Now I wait and see what it fixes.

I want to welcome new readers and thank the on-going ones for reading and commenting.  Little/BigFoot, HermitJim's Sis, the usual suspects who I have started to feel are like family, and any others out there.  I write for myself and anyone who wants to follow along.  I am surprised and humbled that others actually want to read what I write.  It is a nudge to have a life worth writing about to know that there are some who will read.

I have been engaging in some retail therapy lately.  Most of it will be useful, even if not really needed at this point.  Many months ago I mentioned that I am attempting to find my 'look', clothes and such that I am comfortable wearing, and that I don't feel like I'm 'that' old lady.  I don't mind being the one who wears purple and a red hat that doesn't go, as long as it makes me feel good.  I am tending to standardize on black/beige solid color bottoms and jewel tone mostly solid color tops.  Loose pullovers.  The picture from Vegas told me to veer very far away from tight tops.  The rolls showing there are mostly from slumping, as I've lost most of the weight I gained in Honduras and am a normal (for my height) 125lbs.  As I've said, I need to strengthen my core so I stand up straight.

A blog that I enjoy reading to give me ideas (not usually at her price point...) is which is kind of like adult (not THAT kind of adult...) paper dolls.  No dolls, but she picks out color combinations from art or scarves or other things and builds a simple wardrobe around them.  It has me thinking about clothes in a whole different way.  She turned me onto which has basic clothes that are inexpensive (usually). 

Another blog I was reading from her sidebar, had me going to which has inexpensive (again, for some values of inexpensive) shoes as well as clothing.  What can I say, at work sometimes I need escapism.

Who knew I'd be waxing on about fashion in my blog ever!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sounds of Silence

Silence here doens't mean that I've fallen in a hole.  I just haven't had the energy to do all that I need to do in real life (whatever that is...) so I haven't blogged either.  So, quick re-cap:

Two weekends ago I went to Las Vegas for 4 days.  Big surprise there, eh?  One of the highlights was meeting two sisters from Australia on the bus going to the north Outlet Mall.  They were a lot of fun to talk to, had done a meet and greet with Donnie and Marie Osmond among other things.  Hearing they like shows I offered to use one of my monthly sets of 2 tickets to get them into another show.  I've not used any so far anyway.  So, we met later and they ended up going to Legends.  I'm still waiting to hear about it (hint, hint if you are reading this :) ). A couple of times I ended up in conversations with folks on the bus.  Seems I've been there enough that I can provide directions to the new folks.  I drove up this time, and didn't lose much at all.  Since I get a free room, and I use points to pay for the majority of my food, it is a cheap-ish vacation.  I also got a free purse because of some promotion. 

Last weekend TurtleLady and her husband Bill and a traveling companion Dennis stopped by for 3 days.  We had fun catching up.  There were on the tail end of a 6 week driving  vacation the included Northern California down the coast visiting National Parks, swinging over to see me, and they should be home now.

The same evening that TurtleLady showed up, Favorite Neighbor and her son and daughter-in-law also showed up.  It was FN's 89th birthday, so the list above also ended up including Mom and Rod and we went to Organ Stop to celebrate her birthday, then went back to her place and had cake and ice cream.  She was totally delighted to have so many to celebrate with, and I'm so glad that it worked out that way as TurtleLady also really likes FN.

(hint to anyone around Mesa area:  we will celebrate Rod's birthday Sunday evening.  Email if you want to join us)

The other thing that is gong on is that my statement that I got a clean bill of health was a bit premature.  The further investigation of my thyroid issues had me going for a needle biopsy yesterday.  I have nodules on my thyroid that feel like a lump in my throat (which it is...) and it part of what sent me to the doctor after so many years.  I have a prescription for synthetic thryroid hormone (I'll get well versed in knowing it's real name, I'm sure) that I'll get filled today.  So, most likely I'll take this the rest of my life.  Surgery is not on the table for at least 6 months, depending on what the biopsy found.