Friday, May 29, 2020

Wading In

I found the new Blogger button.  I'm not impressed.  I have a feeling I'm going to be less impressed when I (once I find the *&@#  button) hit publish.  Ok, found the preview and publish icons.  Someone needs to shoot the $@%$ programmers who designed this thing.

Lets insert a picture!

That kinda worked.  I had to just grab one as all I saw in the list on the computer was the image numbers.  Edited:  I removed the one I originally chose and when I  clicked 'photos' instead of 'upload from computer' I got actual pictures to choose from.  Random from someplace on my computer.  This is a baby blanket that I need to rework the border.  It is for a boy, it turns out..  I'll decide whether to make a blue one for him instead later.

I can make this work.  Don't like it.  But I can make it work.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Hanging Out

Time flys when there isn't much to do.  Or it doesn't.  After seeing a couple of references to the 'new blogger' I realized I haven't posted in awhile.  I can't seem to find the new blogger button so I'm on the old style for now.

I'm in Payson, mostly behaving.  I admit I have been to the casino a few times.  I shop at the local Walmart a few times a month.  I was doing Mom's shopping but she is taking that back over for now.  In Gila Co. we haven't had many cases of the COVID 19 virus, which I am counting on when taking my chances.

I'm knitting.  Making a lot of mistakes as I go, so it takes awhile.  I found my black material to use as a backdrop so I may get a few pictures to post at some point.

Just not a lot to report.  I'm eating down my stores of food.  I'm slowly working my way around my storage unit.  I'm ready to head out to someplace.  Mostly I'm growing roots into my couch and Bosley watches me.