Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm Fine

I'm around. Just not talkative. I've been busy, and not being able to keep up with everything, so writing here has been one of the things that hasn't gotten done. Other good things are. I have read and thought and realized that I am not taking advantage of what opportunities I have available to me on many levels. Most specifically, if I truly want to hike the Appalachian Trail there is a lot that I need to do first. Those things aren't packed away in some vacuum somewhere just because I'm out in Washington State now. I am back to being committed to doing something, at least one thing, each day to be the person I need to be to hike the trail. Yes, 3 years ago I set a date, this week coming up, to start my hike. I didn't do the things I needed to in order to be hiking now. So, I'm here instead of there.

Today I walked 30 min on the treadmill. I am finding weak places in my body. Right now it's my right knee. I think I sit and walk in an uneven manner. My body needs to straighten out as it gets stronger, and that hurts. Steady and slow as I strengthen the muscles that have been stretched out of balance.

I also didn't make that 3rd mug of coffee. I need to cut down, not stop, my coffee habit. I mostly don't drink soft drinks now, except when I'm at the Casino (I'm not getting into that subject just now...). I made a healthy dinner. Not quite as good as I had hoped, but definitely doable as a healthy meal. My tastes need to be realigned along with my body.

I have many areas that need attention before I can head off for 8-9 months on a trail. Financial, health, what to do with my stuff, my pets. I have at least a year's worth of work, maybe another 3 years. If I really want to make it happen, I need to do the things that make me the person who can go off hiking.

On February 12 I have an appointment to have my broken tooth extracted. It will be a surgical removal, and I can't drive while on the medication I asked to be given. The dentist office is about a mile down the road, so I'll walk down there and plan to arrive about an hour before the procedure so I can take the Valium. Then either Cindi or Lori will pick me up on their lunch break from work and bring me home. I am under orders from them not to walk back. This is a big step in getting my dental health in line. Next up, even as I continue the dental stuff, is to get new glasses and maybe contacts. I'll make that appointment by the end of February.

This is all part of what needs to happen for me to get on the trail. Or, pretty much whatever else I end up doing. Mostly if I just show up for life on any given day I'll be doing something to further my goal of the hike. Which means that I haven't been showing up on a regular basis lately.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Dad

Kenneth Eugene Porter
6/6/1919 - 1/15/2010

My Dad passed yesterday. It was time. If he could be here in health to enjoy life, it would be different emotions I'm feeling. As it is, I am glad that he is no longer bedridden and unable to move. He was a good man. I am in awe of his strong constitution that held to life for so long after the health issues put him into the nursing home. I have said lately with great sincerity that I need to take better care of myself because unless I do something really stupid (accident) that it looks like I will be here for awhile. I take after my Dad in most ways physically. No service as of now, and I'm not going back to Nashville right now. In spring or summer Mom and I will go to MO, where they have their grave site already bought and the headstone set, and inter his ashes.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Two's a trend?

I made it a second day on the treadmill. So, two is a trend, isn't it? I also continued to eat more or less healthy(ier?). On, a forum where I hang out, a site called was recommended. I joined, since it's free, and I'm tracking my exercise and eating. After the experience with the pedometer where it was so sensitive that it jumped if I took a deep breath, I'm not so excited about tracking my steps. If I come into a better quality pedometer I might do that, too. At any rate, it's a place to be accountable to myself. A bit too gung-ho, we're a community, etc. for my taste, but I'll take what works from there.

Still putting things away. No trips out to the Olympics this weekend. I sat down and put my finances on paper. I'm somber about that now. Can't even blame it all on the Casino. So, I'm going to hunker down and cook at home and not spend much money for awhile. I'm sure I'll get over it soon.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

I did it

I went to the workout room and walked a mile on the treadmill yesterday. I actually followed up on a resolution. Just 364 more days to make it for the year. Unless a reference is correct that I just saw and it's a leap year. Who knew? Ok, so maybe 365 more days (including today). I also made some real food for supper, lentil soup and chicken salad for sandwiches. It was good.

On Madcap's blog where she posted that her husband finished her closets for her (part of the remodel) for the Holidays, I posted this comment:

I think that's one reason I love this new apartment so much, everything works. Cabinets and shelves are level and solid, doors open (and stay open rather than swinging shut again without some stopper), and if something doesn't work I just stop by the office and put in a work order and amazingly it works when I get home after work. Bland, beige, but square and level and convenient. Who knew these places existed? I'm sure I'll be ready for quirky again when it's time to move, though.

The truth is that I feel guilty about liking the yuppie-ness of this place so much. Quirky is fun, different than the masses, creative, and a lot of times a pain in the a$$ to manage all the non-standard things when it doesn't work and off the shelf fixes don't fit. At the moment bland and standard are relaxing to me. I really do hope that I'm up for quirky again in a few months, though.

On that line, I did start looking at some of the islands in the sound around here to see if there might be rentals to be had when I move from here. However, it would cost approximately $120/week or more to take the ferry back and forth just for work. I can't afford that quirkyness. I'll keep looking.

Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year

New year, new decade. Same issues. I'm now moved in to the apartment. Stuff is everywhere. I need to take a picture that will hopefully be the 'before' picture. I have the vision of this place being uncluttered, homey, warm. That is the 'after' picture. And that pretty much defines my resolutions. I have resolved to get physical issues taken care of this year, dental and medical and vision. I have resolved to actually use the workout room here at the complex, starting TODAY. And, I've resolved to get my finances in order, whatever that means at any given time. You know, the small details of life. Oh, and to also get out and have fun more.

I've spent the first part of the morning in front of the gas fireplace, roaming the blogs and toasting my toes while drinking my morning coffee. A good start, I think. I'll spend today putting away things, sorting and GETTING RID OF A BUNCH (bunch defined as necessary...) and tomorrow I'm going for a drive. Up Port Angeles way, I think. I'm wondering how the weather up there is this time of year. At any rate, that's the plan. Now, to find the camera and take that before picture, even if it turns out fuzzy.