Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year

New year, new decade. Same issues. I'm now moved in to the apartment. Stuff is everywhere. I need to take a picture that will hopefully be the 'before' picture. I have the vision of this place being uncluttered, homey, warm. That is the 'after' picture. And that pretty much defines my resolutions. I have resolved to get physical issues taken care of this year, dental and medical and vision. I have resolved to actually use the workout room here at the complex, starting TODAY. And, I've resolved to get my finances in order, whatever that means at any given time. You know, the small details of life. Oh, and to also get out and have fun more.

I've spent the first part of the morning in front of the gas fireplace, roaming the blogs and toasting my toes while drinking my morning coffee. A good start, I think. I'll spend today putting away things, sorting and GETTING RID OF A BUNCH (bunch defined as necessary...) and tomorrow I'm going for a drive. Up Port Angeles way, I think. I'm wondering how the weather up there is this time of year. At any rate, that's the plan. Now, to find the camera and take that before picture, even if it turns out fuzzy.

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