Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My new toy

I bought a 1997 34' Class A.  Need to get it emissions checked and the title transferred tomorrow.  Then move in and sell my  current Class C.

Cat is happy I'm home

He curls up on my black coat or my black sweater when he isn't annoying me for attention.  Cat sitter fed him canned food and treats every day I was gone so he is expecting the same from me.

I am off to withdraw the money to buy a new...  Wait.  I'll post pictures when I have bought it.  Maybe later today.  Have to get a move on as Frugal Zony and her DH are going to help me with it tomorrow.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Waiting for the lightrail

It is very early but I was ready to leave the hostel.  It was snowing earlier.  Time to head south.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Yeah, I know

Here I am in Seattle and I hit a Panda Express.  Like I said, I'm a prolitariate.

Made it

Hope I can find the right bus to get back.  I'm going shopping.  Not for anything special, just seems like a good cold dreary day thing.

Bas photo of the prices

I can pay $200/night at a Westin or Sheraton, or these prices and hang out with a young international crowd.  I didn't really interact much with the other folks here, but the younger energy is definitely a factor.  Sometimes that was good, sometimes I have been really happy I am no longer get 25.

One of the easy chairs

Not the one I was in earlier, but one that is currently unoccupied.  The leather(?) Is very worn on all of them but they are comfortable.

Common area

Bikes and tables and game table.  There is free wifi and a few computers available.


Grab what you need, rinse it off and put in the dishwasher tray on the sink when you are finished.


Here are some pictures of the common areas of the hostel.  I can post a single picture via email from my phone, which is why I do this so much.  If I waited to actually compare these into one post it probably wouldn't happen.

There is coffee, orange sections, halved bananas, instant oatmeal, cereal and milk and toast with butter, peanut butter or jam.  I just remembered that juice is also available in the kitchen.

Drinking coffee at the hostel

This is the view out the window next to the easy chair I'm sitting in.  As I've said the free morning coffee and breakfast and the location make up for the other hostel issues.  It is also neat that the table of folks next to me eating breakfast are speaking German.

The view shows it to be wet outside, and although I haven't checked yet I'm sure it is chilly.  This is my day to do stuff alone as the other travelers are headed home.  My legs have been walked off trying to keep up with a group that was from 40 to 15 years younger than I am.  That latter fact has been so very good for me.  I was accepted even with my whining.  The shifted frame if reference highlights that I need to not cancel my gym membership but rather start using it.  And start getting out and hiking.  And living.

My phone died yesterday right after the statue picture as I didn't charge it the night before.  I'll be heading out with a fully charged phone today.  After breakfast.  Assuming it isn't too wet and cold.  Probably.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sculpture Park

All I think of is how cold he looks.  I may be a bit of a proletariat.


Shot on my Motorola whatever

Different Starbucks, different view.

I have not bought much other than a random coffee or forgotten toiletries.  I am running around with other people a lot of the time but some are shy about being identified so few pictures of them.  I am ready for things to slow down a bit.

Today's random scenes

I can post a picture at a time quickly.  Lots of individual posts from this city of rain.

Seattle outside Whole Foods

More Seattle streets

Seattle store

They have on in Vegas as well, and I have pictures of the sewing  machines in their window as well.

Seattle street scene

Ransome street scene Seattle begin

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Still Here

I have had a few low energy days since I got back from Bloggerfest.  I did not take any pictures this year, so I waited until Croft sent me his.  He is still having issues with Open Live Writer, so I’m going to test posting a picture from my computer.  One of me, of course.


I think what I did to fix the issue of not being able to post pictures was that I uninstalled and reinstalled the Open Live Writer.

I applied for Social Security last night online.  Now I wait to see how the new world way of doing things works.  I also started doing my taxes online this morning.  On a related note, I now have a hotspot in my RV so I can get online in the comfort of home.

I dropped my smartphone onto the asphalt while taking things into Mom’s this week.  I now have a new phone.  I’m working on getting it all set up.  These things take time.  Just stuff going on, and I’ll try to get out and try the new camera in this new phone to make some hopefully more interesting posts in the next few days.