Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas

I'm still in Vegas.  I fly home tomorrow night.  I'm ready to get home.  That's the thing with being retired for me, there is nothing I need to take a vacation from.

I always forget how much walking I need to do here to get around.  I'm less sore today but I was miserable yesterday.  I also brought too much with me to carry to and from the airport.  The good thing about that is that it has kept me from buying anything else to have to lug home on the plane.

Next time I will drive.  There are pros and cons to each way to get here, flying or driving.  With the weather along I40 tomorrow I'm glad I'm not driving in it.  However there is more freedom to go places if I drive and I don't have to carry everything at once when I drive.  I'm coming back in March to meet up with friends here.

With my spread out family, celebrating Christmas on the actual day is not a big deal to us.  I'll go up and see Mom this weekend.  We don't give presents anymore as if either of us want anything we just go get it.  Vegas doesn't even seem that Christmasy this year.  So my primary hope for myself tomorrow is that traveling is easy and not crowded.

May you all have a good day tomorrow whatever you celebrate.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Flamingos at the Flamingo Casino

Another favorite place in Vegas is the habitat behind the Flamingo.  It is starting to spit rain.  Oh, got the koi in a swim by in the picture as well.


Today is my birthday.  I'm in Vegas.  I'm just about to go find some breakfast.  I have no deep thoughts or I sights from the perch of being 65.  Vegas is losing some of the glitz for me though.  Today I will wander around the strip and see what changes have happened since I was here last.  Maybe both Vegas and I are losing some of the energy and vigor of the past.

Sunday, December 01, 2019

Belated Happy Thanksgiving

I am now moved down to the Valley (Phoenix metro) and this year started living in the same park as Jim and Sandie Dixon.  It is good to have friends close by.  This year I have been having a bit of mixed feelings around not feeling a center, or home.  Probably because while I'm in the same area I've lived in for 3 years, within a few mile radius, this is a new park for me.  I don't want to go back to my summer location, but here doesn't feel quite 'right'.  That feeling is getting less as I spend time here and walk around for exercise in the park while meeting and talking to those who are outside.  I'm starting to think I need to really explore the idea of a more permanent base camp.  Not sure what that looks like right now.  It is more a direction to look into for a long while.

Bosley is happy being back where it is warm(er).  He naps in the windshield area again.  He seems content enough living his life in the motorhome.  I wish he was more able to tolerate a harness so I could take him outside.  He laid forlornly on the floor and didn't move for almost 12 hrs. last time I put a harness on him.

My immediate goals for now are to continue to comb through my possessions and winnow them down.  Also I am still trying to get into cooking for myself, healthy if possible, foods that are less carbohydrate filled.  It is not easy for me.  I hope to cut up a potato and put it in the air fryer to see how 'roasted' veggies might work.  If that works, next up will be a sweet potato.  Along with it I'll have a pork chop.  I'm getting good at pork chops in my small skillet, and for breakfast bacon and eggs in the same skillet.  I do know 'how' to cook.  Finding things I 'will' cook is the problem.

I went on Medicare today, December 1.  I turn 65 later this month.  I have Medigap Plan G insurance as well as Plan D prescription.  I will contact Mayo soon to make appointments I've put off while I was on insurance they didn't recognize.  I made it through the year and a half between COBRA insurance and Medicare using the Affordable Care Act subsidized insurance, but I didn't want to fall into the abyss of finding doctors and networked care unless something major happened.  Mexico for my one prescription and ignore the small aches and pains.  In January I will find out if that was a good long term plan or not