Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Almost There

I wanted my next post to be that everything was finished with the move and selling of the house. Today I give up, and here is an update: I am moved! Finally! The old house is empty. I am living amongst boxes and bags and such in the new house, sleeping on the couch yet. I'm in no hurry to settle in, and am taking my time deciding what I want where. What hasn't happened is that the old house hasn't closed yet, meaning that I don't have my money yet and I still own it. It has been put off twice now. My realtor wouldn't even return my calls today. Her assistant said she thought she heard that we MIGHT close on the 30th. Not sure what's up. I don't think it's anything with the buyer or anything. In fact, when I went today to turn off the electricity he had already put it in his name. Oh well. It will close at some point hopefully.

I didn't get either of the two jobs I had second interviews with. Both companies said I was over qualified for the jobs. Well, yes I am. I need a job, though, and could have done either job very well for them. Whatever. I have another interview tomorrow. It pays more and will be a more interesting job. It is software as well as hardware support, and it is on servers and backoffice software. If you don't know what that means, just nod and congratulate me. Here's hoping...

So far the new boss is ok. He is very much into "I'm here to make your job as easy as possible so you can take care of our customers" and seems to be trying hard to do so. Much nicer to go to work now. The permanent folks are walking around kind of in shock still at the reorg. I feel sorry for them, but I just hope it's not an issue one way or another for me much longer.

Nancye says she can see a difference in my stress level now. I don't feel too different, but I do know that I'm a bit more relaxed. Moving out of the old house was very difficult for me in ways that I didn't foresee. It was stressful, almost like admitting defeat in some way because I didn't do all the improvements and such that I had planned. Also, I hated seeing things that needed to be tended to and just leaving them. Nothing major, just things that I'm excited to get to here that I never had the energy to deal with in that house, like painting and such. That last few loads kept expanding, and with every load I'd realize that I had several more loads to go. Even with the last load, there were a few things like some bricks and such that I just didn't have room for. I declared "Enough!" and drove off.

I have long-term plans to go through everything I own and eliminate large chunks of it. A friend I was talking with this weekend wants any artsy stuff since she works doing art projects with kids. I can get rid of a box or two of things to her. And that is just a start.

A friend just called and we are going to meet up at the interstate for a cup of coffee on his way home from work. This is why I moved down here closer to town, to be able to just jump into the truck and meet up with folks. This is good.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Batching It

I am up in Clarksville at the Books-A-Million drinking a cappuccino and using my new lappy wireless card that gives me wireless wherever I am (within a metro area). Up here it isn't as good as down in town, but it works. I don't like cappuccino's apparently. I remember the ones at Runciple Spoon in Bloomington, IN and I enjoyed them. Oh, well. I have a client appointment at 6, and I have another half hour to kill. This is my attempt to make nice at work by doing what is necessary to finish my calls. The guy who was yelling at me so much isn't our dispatcher anymore. They made the dispatchers the boss over the desktop group (which I am a temp in), but luckily for me we got a new dispatch guy. I don't know anything about him yet, but hopefully he won't yell at me.

I decided last night that I am just batching it at home now. That term to me means that I'm just doing what is necessary to function, and comfort isn't really part of it. I am sleeping on the futon and sleeping in sweats since I tend to get up several times each night. Things are all jumbled around and I've made no attempt to bring any kind of order to any of it. Today I did stop by Lowe's and get some stoppers for the kitchen sink so I can wash up dishes and new hoses for the washer so that I can do laundry without leaking water all over the floor. I priced dorm size fridges. Lowe's ones are nice, but for just a bit more I could get a real fridge. Sam's Club has a nice on for $137. If I don't find a better deal I may get it. They also had one for $119, but the pricier one is much nicer for the extra $20.

I'm putting off talking about the interviews. I know for a fact that I didn't get the one I interviewed for on Friday. That was the one I felt most confident about. I did the second interview at the other place yesterday. I didn't feel warm and fuzzy about it, and took out my frustration by going shopping and getting some new interview clothes. I didn't spend nearly as much money as I did on the first 2 outfits a couple of years ago ($450) which I have felt was well worth every penny for how they have made me feel walking into interviews. I did spend almost $100, but I got pieces that will work with the ones I already had. And, more important, I felt better. I don't know when I'll hear about the last interview, maybe tomorrow.

Zycron, the contracting company I was working through at Metro and who I really like, called me tonight about an opportunity. I couldn't get my phone to pick up the line and by the time I got the message they had left the office. The cell phone number left for me to call won't connect. My new phone is officially flaky, but I need my box and paperwork to trade it in for a new one. If it's not one thing, it's another.

I'm just getting through this one hour at a time. I will have a nice, settled life again at some point... maybe...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

And, Yes, Still Moving

I am living at the new house. I moved the animals yesterday, and they are settling in fine. I got the washer and dryer hooked up and am doing laundry as I write. I've eaten supper at the diner up the road the past 2 nights. Not frugal, but I am getting real food at least.

I still have stuff at the old house. The longer I do this, the weaker I get. Luckily the stuff is light weight, just 'stuff'. Pots and pans in the kitchen, the fridge stuff since I don't have a fridge here, odds and ends like shoes and my desk chair and I don't even know what all. I think I have everything here that I absolutely need to function. Guess I'll find out tomorrow as I get ready for work if I do or not.

I have a second interview tomorrow at 3. I have my interview clothes laid out. Friday when I was getting ready for the interview at another place I realized that I had moved all my dress shoes and I was at the old house. Tonight I laid everything out that I will need. I should shower tonight and wash my hair and all that. We'll see. I am really tired.

I'm glad I took some time off work. My stress level is way down. I still have a lot of details to handle, and some things are just not getting done. Hopefully, the major things are covered somewhat. It is times like this that I'm glad I'm single. I don't have to listen to someone tell me what a stupid loser I am because I'm not doing this perfectly. No one but me (and the animals) suffers if I let something slip.

I am keeping Lowes in business lately. Next trip I need stoppers for the kitchen sinks, new hoses for the washer (one is leaking pretty badly), and I think I'll spring for a dorm size fridge since my cooler idea really isn't working well after all. Last trip was the new power cord for the dryer. Money is going out faster than it's coming in. Hope I get a real job soon.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

And Still Moving

The structural engineer found some things he thinks need to be fixed under the house. Well, the tech who was here taking digital pics in the dark apparently made him think that some things need done. So, we don't close tomorrow. Which is good since I still have things at the house and am still living there. It is where my wireless internet is... oh, and the animals, it's where my cat and dog are. I'll move them tomorrow. Really, there isn't a lot here, but the trickle of things going to my truck and to the new house is slow. I have taken off work for 3 days to deal with all this.

It turned out to be good that I took off work also since I had two job interviews at the placement center yesterday. I made the cut for a second interview for both of them. One interview is tomorrow at 10, and by Monday at 3 when I go to the other interview I should know if I already have an offer from them. That will make the second interview interesting, which ever way it turns out. If I go in knowing I have another job if I want it, I may ask for more. If I know I don't have a job at the other place, I will be very very easy to get along with and have few demands of my own.

So, the whirlwind continues. Everything I've waited for six to nine months to happen is happening this week.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Still Moving

The big stuff got moved on Saturday. It went better than I had any right to even hope for. Mom made us chili and she and my aunt and uncle had the new place looking a lot cleaner by the time we got there. Nancye came back down and help herd us, leading Howard over to the new house with my lawn tractor in tow (literally), and they got it put into the storage building.

I have a bunch of little stuff left to move. It is just a countdown to Friday to see if I am out. If we really do close on Friday I will put whatever isn't moved into the garage and move it Saturday. I'm hoping there is little left other than trash to take to the landfill.

Oh, I did find the clean underwear...

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Fear is hitting pretty badly right now. I am taking care of the 'last minute' details, but the details pop up faster than I have time or energy to handle them. Mom found a close by place that I can rent a 14' truck to move with. That way I won't be spending Saturday morning worrying that not enough trucks will show up. Space is more my concern than strong bodies at this point, hense the truck. I packed two more drawers of clothes, the underwear. I am a bit concerned that my clean underwear and my clean work clothes end up at the same house at the same time. Not terribly concerned which house it is, just that I don't end up without one or the other come Monday morning.

Tonight I drain the waterbed, wash the bed clothes, buy dog food, go to the new house and get the 12 cup coffeemaker that I already moved over there cause I don't use it much. My helpers may want coffee in the morning, and we will be over here at that point. I need to figure out the cooler thing. I have a large cooler what will be my fridge till I can afford to buy appliances for the new house. I have a small chest freezer to keep ice going for it. I need iced down drinks at the new house in the afternoon. sigh. Guess I'll shop Friday night for sandwich stuff and drinks and buy some bagged ice, then take the cooler with me to the new house when I go on Saturday... Like I said, the details keep popping up.

The new house is a total mess. I had cleaned it at one point, but it is in serious need of another cleaning. I bought a 2-burner hot plate so Mom has something to cook on while she's there. I'm sure she will clean some while waiting on us. I also need to get her a key to get into the new house... sigh, another of those details.
And life doesn't get any less complicated after the move.

Onward. Again.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Voting Day

I did my duty and voted yesterday. I havn't had a radio or TV on so I don't know how any of the races turned out. It was dark and rainy and I'd had a not great day where I got off work late. But, late was only 5pm and I was less than 5 miles from the place to vote. I imagined the line at the fire hall to be long and outside in the dark and rain, but I also decided that there are folks who risk death in other countries to vote so the least I could do was brave some rain and dark. When I got there I didn't even have to wait. I think my area is somewhat small population wise, or else my county just happens to have enough districts. My Mom, living two counties away, had to wait an hour in line to vote. I was glad I made the effort. I thanked the women at the table who checked me in for volunteering. They seemed to appreciate my saying something. On the list of things to do once I move is to change my registration to the new place.

Didn't do anything towards the move last night. When I got home I was hungry. Not a lot of food in the house, so I actually got in the truck and went back to the little town I live outside of. There is a diner there that is basically like it was in the 50's. It was full but I got a booth and ordered a hamburger and chili. This place even has the individual juke boxes at the booths like a lot of places used to have. There was a kid who looked about 16 eating at the counter who was feeding money into the main juke box playing Beach Boys and Bob Dylan. It reminded me of the place I sometimes at lunch in my small hometown and listened to that same Beach Boys song when I was in Jr. High. There were folks of all ages there. Lots of ball caps and camo hunting clothing and even a few cowboy hats. Quite the cross section of the area. Wish I'd been going there before, but I just got the courage to try it out for the first time a few weeks ago.

I am mentally making a list of what has to be moved Saturday that I can't move myself the next day. Really, there are only about a dozen things that have to be moved by someone besides me, or that I can only lift half of. Mom is making cookies and will make some chili and I'll get a deli plate and drinks for those who help me. The guy who has the trailer to move the yard tractor is confirmed for that morning. So, hopefully things will go ok.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Decision Time

Sometime last night I made the decision to go ahead and move everything to the new house this weekend. I had been thinking I'd wait to see if the current contract would really go through, but this weekend is the last weekend before the potential close date and so it is the last time I could get help to move the big stuff. I have decided to just go ahead and move. If the current deal falls through I'll have an empty house for sale. The big issue is the waterbed. I didn't want to take it down till I knew for sure I'm moving. However, it would be difficult for me to move it myself. So, I'll start draining it on Thursday night. sigh. I love my king sized waterbed. I won't be putting it up till the bedroom at the other house is remodeled. That happens to be the room where there are actual holes in the wall and some other damage. I'll be on an air mattress till the work is done.

The realtor says that things are on track. There are some issues, such as they want the structural engineer to do his inspection before the appraisal. I said that since *I'm* paying for everything, screw what they want. Don't know if she heard me or not. I mean, don't know if she will do what I said. Anyway, since I can't control the process any with this realtor, I made the decision on the only thing I can control which is the actual move. She said the home inspection did happen. I asked "when? he wasn't here when I was" and she just kinda went on past it in the conversation.

I did nothing towards the move last night. I came home and crashed. I needed a night to just give up and not even try. Maybe that's what I needed to make my move decision. At any rate, I do feel better in general about the process now. I am scared. Stepping across that chasm to the new life is scary. It is funny that I got inspiration from the 'Wendy Usually Wanders' blog. I mentioned her a few months ago as Heather's Mom and said that both of them were making decisions that I wouldn't make. But, I still read Wendy's journal. And she is currently all about change and not getting in a rut. She said something about how a little change and privation are good things. The privation of living in a house that I'll be remodeling is what is a bit scary to me. This current house is nice and comfy. The new one needs work that isn't my strong suit. I will have to face a lot of things I'm totally insecure about. This would be why I haven't been working on it the almost 11 months I've already owned it.

Onward. I guess.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Day of Rest?

Wow, a lot got done yesterday. Mom and Nancye came over and helped move the 'little stuff'. Mostly we cleaned out the outdoor buildings. There is not a lot left in either building. The amazing thing is that Nancye got all of it arranged in the 10x12 building at the other place and left room for the tractor. I was way too tired to worry about arranging, I would have just slung it in and dealt with it later... maybe... So, everyone asked when I say things like this "is it sold then?" and the answer is "maybe". There was an appointment for someone to come do a 'home inspection' yesterday. I finally pinned my realtor down. Well, she didn't know much. Seems her assistant had set up the appointment. As we talked the realtor pinned everything down on this inspection and said that everything else is waiting on it... The guy never showed up that I could tell. He (I'm being sexist assuming it was a he) was to be here between 11 and 12. We were here till after 2 and never saw him. We are supposed to close in less than 2 weeks. My realtor said she would sit down and figure out all the timing and let me know Monday. right.

We moved all my side tables yesterday. When I brought my hot very large mug of coffee to my rocker and reached for my laptop that was on the hearth (only place to put it) I almost dumped my coffee into the laptop. Looked for a different place to direct the spill, and my down jacket was in the way. Ended up mostly spilling on my hand. sigh. Moving is inconvenient.

The nanowrimo writing is way behind. I may try to catch up some today. I'm slow getting going because my body is not used to as much physical labor as I did yesterday. Writing may fit in with that. I still haven't heard from the folks that asked me to be their webmaster. I'm not sure I'll have internet at home for awhile when I move. Since that may be in a bit over a week, that could be an issue on many fronts. I'm thinking that I'll sign up for the Cingular wireless that uses the cell wireless system. The new house is close enough to town that I should be ok. It's a lot slower than broadband dsl that I'm used to, but I'll have signal wherever I am in town. If it is too slow I can take my time figuring out what else to do. I think satellite is my only other option at that location.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Things speed up

I did my daily word count on the nanowrimo writing. I am slowly getting the hang of what the project is about, which is to start writing and stop thinking. I needed 130 or so words to finish the night and didn't know what to write, especially in the story. I just started writing. I got the word count plus 1. A bit painful to make myself sit down and do it, but that's the point.

I packed up the Tupperware from the Hoosier cabinet. I just need to pack the pyrex measuring cups (I have several) and that cabinet will pretty much be ready to move. Progress. The extended weather shows rain for my move date, the 11th. I plan on trying to get as much stuff as possible moved this weekend. Nancye will come down and help me. No strong bodies to move large stuff, but we can fill both our vehicles with plenty of the smaller things.

I put my back on the verge of going out again today. Did it the same way I did it last time, carrying a large but not heavy box all over Vanderbilt campus. I have to carry the boxes on one hip, and walking in that off-centered position for too long stresses the muscles in my back. So, I have to be very very careful for a few days so that I don't put it all the way out. The weight of what I pick up isn't terribly important, it's that I can't twist while I do it.

Called the realtor tonight. She couldn't talk and said she'd call me back. She has not. The date of handing over possession is two weeks from tomorrow and I don't have any idea if we are on track or not. She said they haven't received the ernest money yet. I have to have city water hooked up by closing I think, and I need to know when to schedule it. I don't want to pay out over $2,000 until I have to if this deal isn't going to go through. The appointment center called, and they are showing the house again tomorrow evening. To someone else. Geez.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nanowrimo, It Begins

I got my first 1000 words done on my nanowrimo novel this morning, and then this evening I added 700 more. I got my word count for the first day plus just a little. The other thing is that I actually started a story. Don't know how far I'll get with it, but so far so good.

I packed up the last of my cookbooks tonight which cleared off a set of shelves. The box of books and the shelves are sitting by the front door to be loaded into the truck in the morning. I may take them by the new house tomorrow or wait till I have more stuff loaded. If I get a wild hair later tonight I brought in boxes to pack up the last of my plastic storage/tupperware containers.

My wrist is now sore. It has happened in years past when I did nanowrimo. It didn't bother me in on the ergonomic keyboard but here on the laptop it hurts. Guess I should stop typing for the night.

It's November

If it's November then it must be time to start my nanowrimo novel. Obligatory disclaimer here: I'm not a novelist. But every year since 2003 I start the process with nanowrimo.org and try to write 50,000 words of a 'novel'. This morning I started and already have over 1,000 words. And for the first time I have started the rudiments of a story. Not sure how writing, moving, keeping up my blogs, as well as daily life will all fit, but I'll give it a try. I've not ever made it to 50,000 words but that is because I am usually leaving for 2 weeks in the Virgin Islands in the middle of the month. This year I just don't have the money and I am sorta in process of moving instead.

I'll update more tonight as I try to make my daily 1,667 words.