Four Peaks in snow

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Things speed up

I did my daily word count on the nanowrimo writing. I am slowly getting the hang of what the project is about, which is to start writing and stop thinking. I needed 130 or so words to finish the night and didn't know what to write, especially in the story. I just started writing. I got the word count plus 1. A bit painful to make myself sit down and do it, but that's the point.

I packed up the Tupperware from the Hoosier cabinet. I just need to pack the pyrex measuring cups (I have several) and that cabinet will pretty much be ready to move. Progress. The extended weather shows rain for my move date, the 11th. I plan on trying to get as much stuff as possible moved this weekend. Nancye will come down and help me. No strong bodies to move large stuff, but we can fill both our vehicles with plenty of the smaller things.

I put my back on the verge of going out again today. Did it the same way I did it last time, carrying a large but not heavy box all over Vanderbilt campus. I have to carry the boxes on one hip, and walking in that off-centered position for too long stresses the muscles in my back. So, I have to be very very careful for a few days so that I don't put it all the way out. The weight of what I pick up isn't terribly important, it's that I can't twist while I do it.

Called the realtor tonight. She couldn't talk and said she'd call me back. She has not. The date of handing over possession is two weeks from tomorrow and I don't have any idea if we are on track or not. She said they haven't received the ernest money yet. I have to have city water hooked up by closing I think, and I need to know when to schedule it. I don't want to pay out over $2,000 until I have to if this deal isn't going to go through. The appointment center called, and they are showing the house again tomorrow evening. To someone else. Geez.


  1. They have the ernest money, so the showing cancelled. Nothing else has happened that I can tell. Tomorrow, Monday, the realtor is supposed to figure it all out and let me know...