Thursday, November 16, 2006

And Still Moving

The structural engineer found some things he thinks need to be fixed under the house. Well, the tech who was here taking digital pics in the dark apparently made him think that some things need done. So, we don't close tomorrow. Which is good since I still have things at the house and am still living there. It is where my wireless internet is... oh, and the animals, it's where my cat and dog are. I'll move them tomorrow. Really, there isn't a lot here, but the trickle of things going to my truck and to the new house is slow. I have taken off work for 3 days to deal with all this.

It turned out to be good that I took off work also since I had two job interviews at the placement center yesterday. I made the cut for a second interview for both of them. One interview is tomorrow at 10, and by Monday at 3 when I go to the other interview I should know if I already have an offer from them. That will make the second interview interesting, which ever way it turns out. If I go in knowing I have another job if I want it, I may ask for more. If I know I don't have a job at the other place, I will be very very easy to get along with and have few demands of my own.

So, the whirlwind continues. Everything I've waited for six to nine months to happen is happening this week.

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  1. It certainly is. It goes like that, doesn't it? Good luck with everything.