Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Voting Day

I did my duty and voted yesterday. I havn't had a radio or TV on so I don't know how any of the races turned out. It was dark and rainy and I'd had a not great day where I got off work late. But, late was only 5pm and I was less than 5 miles from the place to vote. I imagined the line at the fire hall to be long and outside in the dark and rain, but I also decided that there are folks who risk death in other countries to vote so the least I could do was brave some rain and dark. When I got there I didn't even have to wait. I think my area is somewhat small population wise, or else my county just happens to have enough districts. My Mom, living two counties away, had to wait an hour in line to vote. I was glad I made the effort. I thanked the women at the table who checked me in for volunteering. They seemed to appreciate my saying something. On the list of things to do once I move is to change my registration to the new place.

Didn't do anything towards the move last night. When I got home I was hungry. Not a lot of food in the house, so I actually got in the truck and went back to the little town I live outside of. There is a diner there that is basically like it was in the 50's. It was full but I got a booth and ordered a hamburger and chili. This place even has the individual juke boxes at the booths like a lot of places used to have. There was a kid who looked about 16 eating at the counter who was feeding money into the main juke box playing Beach Boys and Bob Dylan. It reminded me of the place I sometimes at lunch in my small hometown and listened to that same Beach Boys song when I was in Jr. High. There were folks of all ages there. Lots of ball caps and camo hunting clothing and even a few cowboy hats. Quite the cross section of the area. Wish I'd been going there before, but I just got the courage to try it out for the first time a few weeks ago.

I am mentally making a list of what has to be moved Saturday that I can't move myself the next day. Really, there are only about a dozen things that have to be moved by someone besides me, or that I can only lift half of. Mom is making cookies and will make some chili and I'll get a deli plate and drinks for those who help me. The guy who has the trailer to move the yard tractor is confirmed for that morning. So, hopefully things will go ok.

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