Sunday, November 05, 2006

Day of Rest?

Wow, a lot got done yesterday. Mom and Nancye came over and helped move the 'little stuff'. Mostly we cleaned out the outdoor buildings. There is not a lot left in either building. The amazing thing is that Nancye got all of it arranged in the 10x12 building at the other place and left room for the tractor. I was way too tired to worry about arranging, I would have just slung it in and dealt with it later... maybe... So, everyone asked when I say things like this "is it sold then?" and the answer is "maybe". There was an appointment for someone to come do a 'home inspection' yesterday. I finally pinned my realtor down. Well, she didn't know much. Seems her assistant had set up the appointment. As we talked the realtor pinned everything down on this inspection and said that everything else is waiting on it... The guy never showed up that I could tell. He (I'm being sexist assuming it was a he) was to be here between 11 and 12. We were here till after 2 and never saw him. We are supposed to close in less than 2 weeks. My realtor said she would sit down and figure out all the timing and let me know Monday. right.

We moved all my side tables yesterday. When I brought my hot very large mug of coffee to my rocker and reached for my laptop that was on the hearth (only place to put it) I almost dumped my coffee into the laptop. Looked for a different place to direct the spill, and my down jacket was in the way. Ended up mostly spilling on my hand. sigh. Moving is inconvenient.

The nanowrimo writing is way behind. I may try to catch up some today. I'm slow getting going because my body is not used to as much physical labor as I did yesterday. Writing may fit in with that. I still haven't heard from the folks that asked me to be their webmaster. I'm not sure I'll have internet at home for awhile when I move. Since that may be in a bit over a week, that could be an issue on many fronts. I'm thinking that I'll sign up for the Cingular wireless that uses the cell wireless system. The new house is close enough to town that I should be ok. It's a lot slower than broadband dsl that I'm used to, but I'll have signal wherever I am in town. If it is too slow I can take my time figuring out what else to do. I think satellite is my only other option at that location.

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