Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Batching It

I am up in Clarksville at the Books-A-Million drinking a cappuccino and using my new lappy wireless card that gives me wireless wherever I am (within a metro area). Up here it isn't as good as down in town, but it works. I don't like cappuccino's apparently. I remember the ones at Runciple Spoon in Bloomington, IN and I enjoyed them. Oh, well. I have a client appointment at 6, and I have another half hour to kill. This is my attempt to make nice at work by doing what is necessary to finish my calls. The guy who was yelling at me so much isn't our dispatcher anymore. They made the dispatchers the boss over the desktop group (which I am a temp in), but luckily for me we got a new dispatch guy. I don't know anything about him yet, but hopefully he won't yell at me.

I decided last night that I am just batching it at home now. That term to me means that I'm just doing what is necessary to function, and comfort isn't really part of it. I am sleeping on the futon and sleeping in sweats since I tend to get up several times each night. Things are all jumbled around and I've made no attempt to bring any kind of order to any of it. Today I did stop by Lowe's and get some stoppers for the kitchen sink so I can wash up dishes and new hoses for the washer so that I can do laundry without leaking water all over the floor. I priced dorm size fridges. Lowe's ones are nice, but for just a bit more I could get a real fridge. Sam's Club has a nice on for $137. If I don't find a better deal I may get it. They also had one for $119, but the pricier one is much nicer for the extra $20.

I'm putting off talking about the interviews. I know for a fact that I didn't get the one I interviewed for on Friday. That was the one I felt most confident about. I did the second interview at the other place yesterday. I didn't feel warm and fuzzy about it, and took out my frustration by going shopping and getting some new interview clothes. I didn't spend nearly as much money as I did on the first 2 outfits a couple of years ago ($450) which I have felt was well worth every penny for how they have made me feel walking into interviews. I did spend almost $100, but I got pieces that will work with the ones I already had. And, more important, I felt better. I don't know when I'll hear about the last interview, maybe tomorrow.

Zycron, the contracting company I was working through at Metro and who I really like, called me tonight about an opportunity. I couldn't get my phone to pick up the line and by the time I got the message they had left the office. The cell phone number left for me to call won't connect. My new phone is officially flaky, but I need my box and paperwork to trade it in for a new one. If it's not one thing, it's another.

I'm just getting through this one hour at a time. I will have a nice, settled life again at some point... maybe...

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