Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Decision Time

Sometime last night I made the decision to go ahead and move everything to the new house this weekend. I had been thinking I'd wait to see if the current contract would really go through, but this weekend is the last weekend before the potential close date and so it is the last time I could get help to move the big stuff. I have decided to just go ahead and move. If the current deal falls through I'll have an empty house for sale. The big issue is the waterbed. I didn't want to take it down till I knew for sure I'm moving. However, it would be difficult for me to move it myself. So, I'll start draining it on Thursday night. sigh. I love my king sized waterbed. I won't be putting it up till the bedroom at the other house is remodeled. That happens to be the room where there are actual holes in the wall and some other damage. I'll be on an air mattress till the work is done.

The realtor says that things are on track. There are some issues, such as they want the structural engineer to do his inspection before the appraisal. I said that since *I'm* paying for everything, screw what they want. Don't know if she heard me or not. I mean, don't know if she will do what I said. Anyway, since I can't control the process any with this realtor, I made the decision on the only thing I can control which is the actual move. She said the home inspection did happen. I asked "when? he wasn't here when I was" and she just kinda went on past it in the conversation.

I did nothing towards the move last night. I came home and crashed. I needed a night to just give up and not even try. Maybe that's what I needed to make my move decision. At any rate, I do feel better in general about the process now. I am scared. Stepping across that chasm to the new life is scary. It is funny that I got inspiration from the 'Wendy Usually Wanders' blog. I mentioned her a few months ago as Heather's Mom and said that both of them were making decisions that I wouldn't make. But, I still read Wendy's journal. And she is currently all about change and not getting in a rut. She said something about how a little change and privation are good things. The privation of living in a house that I'll be remodeling is what is a bit scary to me. This current house is nice and comfy. The new one needs work that isn't my strong suit. I will have to face a lot of things I'm totally insecure about. This would be why I haven't been working on it the almost 11 months I've already owned it.

Onward. I guess.

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