Saturday, February 22, 2020

If you need solar see this

I was supposed to hand out these cards at bloggerfest and didn't.  If you need any solar work done Jim is one of the best.  He will make sure your system is installed correctly, safely, and that you know what is going on with it.  He spends winter's at La Posa South and will be there for a couple of months yet.  You can say you are a friend of shadowmoss.  May not save you any money but he will be amazed at the number of people I know.  😁

Tuesday, February 18, 2020


Not a lot has been going on.  I have been, mostly unsuccessfully, attempting to get into doctors to get caught up on my various checkups.  I'm still in phone tree chaos.  To celebrate I'm heading to Las Vegas tomorrow for a couple of nights.  Just because I can.  This time I'm driving.  I decided to go this morning.  There is more to the story that may end up irrelevant.  A friend may need to have some things relayed from Las Vegas to Phoenix.  She won't know until mid morning tomorrow.  If she can't go she needs someone to go meet her friends with her stuff.  Tomorrow.  So, I decided I wanted a trip anyway and made my own reservations and am heading out.  If she needs me to grab her stuff, I will.  If she can come up herself and actually visit with her friends there then I'll just hang on the Strip and have fun.

It feels good to do something spontaneous again.  A lot of stress just lifted off once I made the decision to go.

Sandie and I went to the Heard Museum last week on free passes from the local library.  In a few hours we only saw a fraction of what was there to see.  I will keep my eyes open for more of the passes there.  I can check out 2 sets of passes a month, and the selection rotates depending on what others have checked out. 

I did finally put my hands on my camera so I may have pictures again soon.  My new phone doesn't take very good pictures and I end up more frustrated than is worth it to make due with it.

I'm sure more has happened.  I'll try to keep up better here.  I've just been a bit of a hermit and not done much reaching out.