Saturday, July 26, 2014


Contrary to appearances, I'm alive and fine. The heat has arrived in Phoenix, over 110, which is my mark for 'hot'. This just happened this week, so I'm considering a good summer so far. Now I'm hiding in the air conditioning. The cats are also healthy and mostly happy. The younger on is again being a terror. I need to spend more time with him, I guess. I am sorry I got the second cat, as Bosley was purfect just as he was. I was afraid he'd be lonely, but I think he would vote for that rather than terrorized as he is sometimes now.

Work is still in the holding pattern. I can't transfer yet because the new guys don't have their laptops so they can start covering shifts. Not anyone local's fault, but we are still short staffed and nerves are frayed.

Sorting and such are on-going at home. I'm not keeping up with the scanning or shredding of paperwork as I would like to. For me the process always seems to take a long time. My sights are on September, when things should start to cool off a bit and I'm making vacation plans to head back East for a couple of weeks.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Thank you, Ed

In my comments Ed has tried to keep me up to date on a bill in the AZ legislature about the Elio car and attempts to get an 'enclosed, 3 wheeled' car to not need a motorcycle endorsement to be legal to drive. Everything I've found is dated April 22, and it was waiting on the Gov. to sign it. When I duckduckgo it, that SB# is about gun control. Maybe it is part of that package, I didn't look too deeply. No notice on whether it was signed into law or not.

I'm at work making Holiday pay. Nothing is going on, but I'm being paid to be here. Previously when I was talking about how I am jogging (for some definitions of the word), I said the next celebration would be when I hit 300' or 50 pillars in the wall I run beside. Yesterday I ran the 50 pillars, walked up and back again that far, and then ran another 40 pillars or 240'. I felt it the rest of the day, but feel ok today. I just need to keep at it. Also, part of my goal was to be able to do 100 pushups of some kind. I've decided that if I can do 100 in a day (12 hours?) I'll consider it a goal met. I'm up to 20. Pushing up from a counter, not the floor. Progress. I can do 2 girly pushups now (knees), which is 2 more than I could do this time last year.

Yesterday I went to Costco in Superstitions Springs, not the one down by work. The one over in SS is a bit nicer, and has better samples. I totally forgot that it was the day before a Holiday, but it wasn't too teribly bad for all the crowd. I spent $125, so I figure if I can eat from my pantry for 2 weeks I'm ahead. So far so good. I definitely have enough food to make it. After I went to bed I was trying to rationalize not having taken the time to make something to bring into work today. Then I realized I could bring in a can of the lentil soup I got. Then I was trying to rationalize that I hadn't made any oatmeal to bring in for breakfast, and I knew that meant I would still go to Walmart at 2am to get something to eat. So, I got back up and made enough oatmeal for 2 days, and added cinnamon, cardamon, rasinens, craisens, sugar, and after it was in the bowls I added slivered almonds and honey. It was good this morning. So far I haven't got to get anything new to eat other than what I've brought from home. One of the samples at Costco was green pea crisps. I guess it is like a crouton for salads and such. It tasted like crispy green pea soup. You can get anything at Costco. They made up for it by also having vanilla ice cream samples.